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Venus In Aries

(Transiting April 5th - April 29th 2024 at the time of this writing)

Self care.

Enjoy yourself.

An emphasis on the relationship to yourself. It is also to understanding yourself within relationships. If I take a moment I can learn about myself through my partner or another. What I seemingly lack, I can project and attract, I don't see it as a part of me consciously until I look deeper and examine. This is expressing myself within a relationship, expressing desires. Maybe doing things differently in new way. To explore new possibilities, explore new ways of being in relationship. It is possible to love in new ways. This can also be protecting a relationship somehow.

Go and explore something or someplace new by yourself. Take a solo trip. Get in the car by yourself to act on a desire for something you want.  "I want pizza with mushrooms, I'm going to get some... now!" Or take pleasure in creating something new. Get out and get physical. Doing something new by yourself, for yourself, in turn can make you a better partner. You're taking care of yourself and doing the things you want to do as well as being in a relationship. It's taking initiative to get your own needs met. Showing up from a form of expressing yourself. Standing up for yourself in a relationship, and maybe that sparks anger in the other. Or maybe this energy is your partner, they need space, and they need a little bit more independence and alone time. Doing something new together as well can be this energy.

Pleasure yourself. Spending money on yourself. Treat yourself. Being more independent. Get to know yourself better, some alone time can help with that.

Heightened sexual awareness in a woman. The woman in a relationship may be more frisky and initiate. Again pleasuring yourself, sexual pleasure in general.

It can also mean that money is coming in from a new enterprise being started. I decide to go for it on a new business venture. Impulsive money spending. It also has to do with doing things I love to do and what brings me pleasure.

Just as this transit into Aries is happening currently, this energy is also represented and played out collectively with what I just heard on the radio today about there being a talk between Biden and Netanyahu for a ceasefire for humanitarian aid in the war in Gaza. Peace Venus in war Aries.

There is a lot of activity, a stellium in Aries right now. Where is Aries in your chart, the house? In what area of your life is this going on in? Remember relationships aren't just with your significant other it can be any kind of relationship. We all have some kind of relationship to ourselves.

For information on the total Solar Eclipse energies, check out this blog post.

If you wish to talk to me and discover more about yourself and how these energies are playing out in your life, feel free to reach out for a session at

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