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Aries Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

Updated: Apr 5

Frida Gustavsson from Leap of Faith

This is certainly a powerful one centered around self focused healing having to do with Aries themes in our lives. The Sun and Moon are conjunct together with Chiron, the North Node and Mercury, all in Aries. Venus is also in Aries, how I do relationships with others, as well as the relationship to myself. This is an energy of attention on healing Aries and Mars Masculine wounds. There is positive reinforcement and encouragement in these matters here for your future and what's best for your soul's growth (The North Node). With it being a New Moon, as well as in Aries, the themes of "newness" are prominent. With an Eclipse, the energy of important changes as a portal to new ways of being. It can even be a crisis that forces change in us. A letting go of the past for forward movement.

From Cafe Astrology (does not have Chiron displayed but it is at 19 degrees Aries)

This post is for both men and women and anyone in between, as we all have Masculine and Feminine energies in different degrees, both consciously and unconsciously.

Everyone has Chiron in their birth chart as well. It's called the "Wounded Healer." In the Solar System, it is a small body, a comet. Chiron’s symbolism and meaning on the surface can be "I don't do this part of my life very well." Or "I fall flat in this area of my life." Or "I'm not good at this." I also  may overcompensate in this area of my life because of a feeling of lack or inadequacy. This area of my life can be painful. This is where I was made to feel ashamed of something about myself. The deeper wounds that have shaped my life.

Mercury retrograde in Aries. A good time to re-assess how we communicate, how we exchange ideas, communication, avenues of social media, tv, books, writings, and speaking. This is the realm of the mind, our mental thoughts. Our left brain linear thinking. Mercury Retrograde is more inner focused. It's a good time to go inward and investigate our own Aries wounds and to learn about them. Is our own self-criticism, doubt, fear of not being good enough or guilt, wounding our ability to act? Am I speaking my mind or holding back? Can I say what it is that I want? How about healing wounds from verbal anger that can come from communicating in relationships with people and partners. Or is my verbal anger abusive or causing issues? How do I communicate sexual needs? Mercury retrograde in Aries can also be wanting to take something back that you heatedly impulsively said, sent, or communicated.

What are wounds?

Something I've been hurt by, and that stuck with me and put me on a track of being. This area of my life is emotionally painful. It's become a part of me. I've become attached to them. My belief system was shaped around them. My inner talk supports them. I identify with them.

Here in Aries, they are wounds of identity, independence, self-involvement, sexuality and sexual energy, sexual conduct or abuses. It can be issues with the use of my will, my right to exist, of my assertiveness or the lack there of. Of making a choice, of voicing my opinion, of leading. Wounds sexual or physical abuses or around expressing anger and other Masculine themes. We may have unconscious and conscious wounding in regards to men or specific types of men in our lives or from woundings from relationships with men of all relationship kinds (Father, brother, uncle, boyfriend, friend, business partner, etc.) that need to be examined for our soul's growth. It doesn't even have to be a man per say, but a representation or physical expression of Aries or Masculine energy from anyone or anything. There is energy here to support and help these woundings collectively and personally.

Our own Masculine traits and energies.

All people have Masculine energies in some capacity, the same with Feminine energies as mentioned above. Masculine traits are for example are starting, doing, initiating, going for it, fighting for, protecting, taking a risk etc. Many of the issues and themes that this Aries Solar Eclipse can have to do with “low vibe” or “negative” Libra energies or expressions. Themes like codependency, the need for a relationship, over attending to others, losing yourself in another, people pleasing, going along with others choices instead of what's best for you, choiceless, asking permission, being non-confrontational and so on.

Remember, Aries and Libra are on the same axis. The Relationship axis. Me and Other. Two sides of a coin. Both balance and learn from the other. We may be way one side than the other. This Eclipse is bringing attention to healing Aries wounds as well as Libran yet the focus is more self oriented  and having to do with what Libra energy can be lacking or where Aries energy over does. Further then, activations are made to Cancer as well as Capricorn as they are square 90 degrees to Aries and Libra in Astrology. In addition, we all have Aries in our birth chart as well as Mars, the ruler of this Eclipse. You don’t have to be an Aries to experience the energies I am talking about.

With Mercury, this is how can I heal through communication with my partner or another by initiating a conversation about it. Maybe I lack in communicating like this in a relationship. When I'm wounded, inadequate or lacking in these things of these energies, I may be quite the opposite of them, codependency, needing to be in a relationship, not expressing my sexuality, letting others choose for me, tell me what to do, or I may be overcompensating for them and am doing them in more of an extreme way in my life like being completely independent not being in relationship, being narcissistic, over exaggerating my identity, over expressing masculine traits, over expressing my sexuality or there's an overuse of sexual energy or its used in an unhealthy way. I may want to outwardly prove that which I seemingly lack or have issues with in these regards. Or maybe I outwardly act out towards others who are displaying these themes and get angry, defensive and shame those people.

When wounds are unconscious, they show up outwardly projected onto other people. And unconsciously we impulsively react to them individually, or to a group, or to a society because we don't recognize these energies within ourselves or we don't give space for them or we don't let them be a part of our consciousness as part of ourselves in some way. This is what can be called our Shadow. Bringing shadow to light makes us whole. Unconscious to consciousness. Opposite sides of a coin are realized as one whole coin. The process of healing our wounds starts with being conscious of them. Things that trigger our wounds are great pointers of awareness. Using Aries energy, think about what really pisses you off and makes you super angry.

Think, "Am I this way?" or "Was I this way to someone else? "Or "Am I the one who inflicted these wounds on others?"

Do I have issues expressing and communicating my desires?

How have I been speaking to myself?

How have I been self-sabotaging?

I have been identifying with this wound or thought process, it's become part of my identity. I've lived with this my whole life. How would I be without it? Who would I be without it?

This wound may be a truth to something that happened in the past, nothing can change what's happened, but on how I relate to it, is it true for me now? Am I perpetuating a mindset that is unhealthy and unnecessary for me now? 

. . .

I can be courageous and choose to think and or be differently than I always have. 

Take the initiative to share your wounds and vulnerabilities with your partner or someone else, whether that be a friend, or a therapist, or someone who is going through similar situations that you have. Discussing vulnerabilities and wounds can be difficult for Aries energy, especially for people with more Aries energy, and males in general, because it's a way most boys are brought up and it's seen, learned and felt as a non-masculine trait, a weakness. 

We can all be a healthy Aries energy by being an example of being a trusted relationship half by protecting the space for vulnerability to express itself for children, partners and others while also  having the courage to express ourselves vulnerably in front of them from a place of authenticity and just being a real human being.

The process of healing wounds.

Sometimes wounds are never healed but how we can respond to and live with them as we better ourselves, can change as to be more in our own power. Being conscious of them is the first step. Think deeply about the themes here, Pluto is helping in these matters for you to take action for profound transformation. Acknowledging and accepting who we are is a big deal. Wounds can always exist, but it is how we decide to be with them, respond to them and grow from them. Nothing can take away the fact that things have happened in the past or that we've been a certain way in life. And it doesn't make anything okay that things have happened to us that were abusive or hurtful.

It is good to reach out and talk about these things with others (Libra) and seek help. But it is ultimately our own (Aries) responsibility and our own job to heal, to change, and accept change, in our lives, how we continue on from the moment we are at now and into the future. With Aries it is self-help. With Aries especially, it reminds us that we have the choice and the free will to do so. Again, with our Aries energy, we use courage, and we can be a warrior for our own healing. There's doing the inner work, and then there's also implementing that work into our daily lives. New habits, new ways of being. The inner work with myself affects my outer world and my relationships. In turn, I can help others in similar situations and be a support for others' healing.

I encourage you to exercise your self-love, self-acceptance, and self-respect to learn about your wounds. They can be keys to experiencing expanded versions of yourself.

Bring in the Libra opposite element. The work you do on your own healing, the better you are for others or as a partner, and how you show up in your society. Dig deep, do your research. Read about them, watch movies or YouTube videos about them, listen to podcasts about them and bring them more into your conscious awareness and put attention on your wounded themes for forward movement through them. Reading, watching, listening, learning and taking in is one thing (our Mercury energy), but then putting those ideas into action is another (our Aries energy). You can do all the reading, listening, watching and therapy, but you ultimately make the choices in how you live and potentially change your life. Use your, Mercury, mind to take action, Aries, to lead your attention and penetrate to the roots of your issues. Start today, act, do it, initiate, choose.

Our minds are malleable. Use inner visualizations and affirmations. Use your Mercury energy to write about your experience, to write how you feel, to write through your wounds and as a part of your healing. Or talk with others about it, exchange and share ideas on the topics. Use your Aries energy to take steps in initiating action to be in new ways of being in your mind, how you speak to yourself about these issues, and change your belief system on these matters. Actually do and be. Choose consistently to be the change you wish to make. There are treasures there in the wounds that are specifically meant for you to reveal. Treasures are in dark spaces.

Want to talk with me about where this Eclipse is happening or where Chiron is in your birth chart? The themes above can be an activation to something long lasting, not just on April 8th. I can throw a virtual arm around ya, listen and translate what the stars have to say. Contact me for a personal session.

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