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About Myself

I'm a modern mystic. Being conscious of the connectedness of everything and the particular role I play through individual, personal, creative expression as something bigger than just this body. My background is one through the studies of Eastern philosophies, a Catholic childhood upbringing and an ever unfolding spiritual lifestyle. As well I live a  continuous path as a songwriter, guitarist and performer as a musician and living a touring lifestyle for many years even with various jobs. A rock & roll astrologer.


Spirituality has always been of most important to me, understanding myself, living through love and continually growing from what I see and read and experiences of life. The music I create reflects that. Astrology reflects YOU. Astrology has been an interest of mine for many years but it wasn't until it wrapped and weaved though a personal relationship that it became such a huge eye opener and a tool to know myself and my partner better. Astrology is all about relationship, the planets and to ourselves and the reflection that reveals where we come from, how we are, our challenges and what tools and energies we personally have to work with that are unique to us. When we look at a birth chart it is you, yourself, that learns from it, grows through it, heals and understands from it. It is self help in the most literal way. There is so much to learn in personal balance and knowing that our free will and choices are what make and create our lives.

My interests deal with deep issues, sexuality, addictive behavior, relationships, love, creativity, being uniquely myself, learning balance, self-love, self acceptance and accepting others. Living in this world as human and Divine simultaneously and being fully conscious of that. Teaching meditation is a part of my life. Tarot and sacred symbolism play a big part in my life. Personally I love classic rock, fashion, clothes and personal style, cooking and exploring new places among many other things. If these topics resonate with you you've found a good place here.

I have parts of myself that feel stuck, I have personal challenges. Some things don't come so easy for me yet I'm a natural at others. I get depressed and unmotivated. My mind goes way way out and circles back around and I cling to alot of that mind stuff. I have personal things that I continually work on. I'm not perfect.

As an astrologer and someone who can give spiritual and human guidance with unique insight from what I've learned, my own experience and though your own chart, I approach you from a place of love, with compassion, care. Listening is important to me. Although I can share insight and guidance, I'm as human as you are or anybody else. I'm interested in working with people who are wanting to dig deep, want to work on personal improvement and grow as a human being and a soul. Readings with me are done via Zoom detailing your major themes and energies.

I am a student and member of the New Paradigm School of Astrology from an Evolutionary Astrology standpoint and mentored by long time astrologer and psychologist Sandra Nicholayson. Let's look at your chart!

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