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Venus in Pisces

March 11, 2024

Activating the relationship and connected realization to Source, God, The Divine, Nature, the Universe. Self-realization and Self-discovery.

This is where spiritual love meets and interacts with human love. The Divine embodied. Nature can be seen as not being separate from human. There's Human Nature but humans are also a part of nature, a part of everything, just as everything else is, as a whole organism, the Earth, the Solar System, this Galaxy the entire Universe. Big ultimate Nature. Even further still the Void from which all existence comes from.

Dissolving "Other," duality, opposition. Beyond ego. Transcending duality. Oneness.

A dropping or lessening of ego.

Spirituality, inner and outer meaningful and deep connection.

Activating the inner relationship with myself.

Enjoyment of time by myself. Or is it more of an extreme or beyond my control in how like John Lennon  sings, "oh oh, oh ohoo . . . isolation."

Unconditional love for oneself, then so, unconditional love for others, like that of a wise, loving parent to a child or family member. Be careful and aware of boundaries here. Are there any? Boundaries are expressions of self-love and self-respect (which are themes of Venus) as well as love and respect of others. Without them, there can be energy leaks, giving too much, losing oneself, being taken advantage of, or becoming a victim of.

Being a compassionate heart for others, for all of humanity.

One love, like how Bob Marley sings. A love that brings us all together without boundaries, that includes all of humanity.

Inner listening. Listening to others and their pain. Being of service to others. Mother Theresa. Mother Mary. Mercy. Sacred Heart.

The release of burdened energy in the form of forgiveness also as a form of self-respect for oneself.

How can I contact, cultivate, and use my inner peace, trust and faith within during my daily routines, activities, as well as difficult times, and responsibilities of regular normal life?

Egoless service to others without the wanting or expecting of anything in return.

The relationship with all of humanity.

Experiencing the Oneness of nature. Experiencing that with a partner.

Being creative and imaginative. Tapping into my creativity Within Me that ultimately comes from Source. I am a vessel to realize creations through like a medium channeling inspiration. Pairing up and sharing in that creativity and imagination and dream. Living the dream. Living the dream with another.

Am I putting unlimited energy into my relationships as a means of unconsciously escaping from myself or am I using relationships to teach me and understand myself better? Loving another is loving oneself and vice versa. How can I fully love another if I cannot fully love myself? Partnership as spiritual teaching, as self-growth and as partner growth, up leveling, up loving.

The bow. The Sacred Bow of I respect you I respect my fellow man, woman, human for animal even. I realize you ultimately as a teacher as source, not separate from myself. I am you,  you are me. Self with a capital "S." I  also experience suffering, fear, issues, joy and love just as you do together as human beings.

Is my joy, interest, attention, energy towards escapism drug or alcohol abuse and or addictive behavior keeping me from my relationships, daily tasks and responsibilities? Or is my partner, someone close to me, a relationship a coworker this way in my life now? Am I consciously aware of the ways in which I escape, are they healthy? We can lose ourselves in all sorts of activities healthy or unhealthy. How am I using my downtime or alone time? Can I be by myself and be alone in a healthy way without escaping from the feeling of loneliness or boredom or my own difficult feelings?

Giving love towards what needs to be released. To let go of energy and emotion that has been weighing me down, has been a burden. I say "Thank you, that has been a lesson, I am grateful." I think about a river cleansing me. Healing with love.

To others, I seem way way out there, spaced out and ungrounded. Or I view my partner this way or a close relationship to another.

Be in nature. Be in water, be by water, go to the lake, go to the river go to the beach, be on the water, in the water, take a long bath, a shower. Hydrate, drink water.

Do artwork. Enjoy music, listening to music, creating music, go to the movies, watch movies, allow yourself and give yourself permission to have some down time.

When I consciously feel and recognize my connectedness with Humanity, Nature, Source and practice that often through meditation, self inner work and being of service etc, I take responsibility for that, I also feed back to my subconsciousness of this reality, and so it is.

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