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Sweat Lodge of The Sun in Capricorn 2024 - New Moon

Updated: Jan 10

New Moon Jan. 11, 2024

The Capricorn sweat lodge. Bending low with The Moon, we enter. This is where they take care of business. Rules are made and strictly enforced here. This structure we’re in isn't round, it's square, with firmly built big solid pillars in four corners of direction keeping this tent up.  A strong foundation supports it underneath even in this sweat lodge. The Moon is recognized of its past accomplishments and merits here. This is how they know The Moon, the public Moon, The Municipal Moon. Huddle in, it's the reset!

In the Sweat Lodge of The Sun, The Moon always climbs up and settles into the lap, and practically disappears into the arms, of the welcoming Sun. Here is The Moon's reset spot and  charging station. Its "sun set" is like the docking station of a cell phone to be recharged and updated with information, and photos and files are deleted to make room for a new journey. Wrapped in the securitive arms of like that of a loving parent, here is unconditional love. Although loving, The Sun, here in this Capricorn sweat lodge, is a little bit more emotionally distant and is tucking away its emotions, setting aside its feelings or uncomfortability in order to be of solid support at this moment.

All the wise, important, old elders (Capricorn) are here as well as The Warrior (Mars) and The Shaman (Pluto). Their families wait outside. The Moon is outfitted with armor, metal pieces that have been constructed by human hands into specific forms and have been bent with muscle and have been chiseled to precision to be of the greatest long term use. The Moon wears this structure, its confined, its protected, its safe, its secure. This man made shell is solid and impenetrable. This makes The Moon stand up tall and straight.

The elders tell The Moon the rules, it listens. They show it documents, contracts, codes of honor, maps, and rules. "Are you ready to make a commitment to this?" Chief says. "mmmhm" replied The Moon. They tell The Moon what is expected of it. They go over the plans of its mission and give positive encouragement like a pep talk from a football coach. The Warrior says, “I'm going with you but I will stay a bit behind and I'll beat the drum in steady time to assure you that I'm with you always.”

Out steps The Moon, slow from its new suit of armor and slow and steady. The drum of The Warrior plays behind it pushing up the rear, as they say, leading from behind.

A flute playing a tune in the distance (Neptune) is heard ahead to remind The Moon that its mental imagination plays a role and is essential for what it experiences in reality. Dreams can come true. The Moon knows that the music is real but it cannot tangibly touch it. It's not solid and yet it is useful and it reminds it that there are things in life that are intangible, beyond the physical, but can be useful if The Moon listens and trusts.

The Shaman, playing his role at the beginning of this new Journey, is wearing all mirrors, which The Moon sees itself in, and is building a giant oven made of Earth and stone. It’s big enough to walk into. A raging fire from wood glows inside of it. 

“You thought that back there in that sweat lodge was all real!?” says The Shaman. Continuing on, “All that structure is man-made from society from how you grew up, your past, your programming, beliefs, and what's expected of you. And you give it authority, all these ideas outside of you. You have all of that within you. You can create your own reality, you can live in ways that are right for you and live from values that support your greatest self.”

“You mean I can be free and do whatever I want?” said The Moon. 

“Yes.. but… not quite, to an extent here on Earth. We take with us positive mature Capricorn on this Journey.  We are responsible. We have an understanding of our limitations. We see how our actions affect others. We lead ourselves like how a good King or Queen would its kingdom and people and we learn integrity. Prepare to be that King or Queen… but amongst multitudes of other Kings and Queens who play their own unique, purposeful roles within the whole of the collective.”

“And what awaits for you, lies beyond this fire, the future. (It's intense, it's dark, things come up into the Moon’s conscience that are meant to be let go of, or else,.. taken from.” There’s great fear. The Warrior’s drum beats in the distance as a reminder of courage for The Moon. The Moon decides, and chooses to enter the giant cauldron willingly with its armor the elders put on him. 

The heat is too much. The Moon is baking on the inside! It has to be taken off or it'll cook! But the clasps were fastened too tight, in fact… they were welded on. It would take forever to remove theme. 

The Moon died.

After the wood and bits of earth burnt away, over time in this hot earthen oven, the fastens and locks oozed red, gave way and frizzled, the armor was no more. 

What arose was a New Moon, scared but healed. Peeled off its scabs and felt its craters and applied its own healing remedies. In fact, all that was left was its gifts, talents and purpose. The Moon remembered The Sun whispering to it in the sweat lodge “Here's my light to shine. Show me.”

It was dark outside, very cold. It heard the flute far in the distance in the direction that he was heading to. And further back from a distance behind it…

Boom....boom....boom. The Warrior!

And like the reptile who was Earth bound, it shed its skin and grew wings, it slowly rose and took to the air as like that of a Dragon.

Have a good Journey!

Energies of this New Moon

-Endings, a closing, release, return. A rebirth, something new. A fresh start.

-Taking responsibility for yourself in relationships.

-Self discipline.

-Make a commitment.


-A drive to make a plan, carry plans out especially in regards to my career or -relationships.

-Is there something I see in the action of another that sparks self analysis revealing something I need to remove, release or adjust myself?

-Long-term dedications or an ending of one. Contracts.

-Bring into a reality from my imagination. Create something into form.

-Implementing a plan and carrying those steps out.

-The transformation of my role in society and how my personal uniqueness and purpose -can be a better use in society.

-A shedding, Pluto removes. A transformation of something. 

-A release of old beliefs mentally or from what you've been told and the structures that have been applied in my life and that I have believed, that are holding me back.

-To be mature and take responsibility in the present, of my past and my future.

-Taking responsibility for my actions.

-When shit gets tough, put one foot in front of the other.

-Shifts in career and work.

-How can I be a good leader, listen, encourage others, take in other perspectives. Have an objective View. To make good decisions that are not of my own ego but are including the whole.

-Doing things by the book. Following rules. Rules being enforced.

-Becoming my own authority, my own unconditional loving parent. Finding my own personal values. I’m the General of my own life. Past societal structures or what I’ve been brought up on can change, I can decide what is useful for myself. Some societal structures may not be useful or have to change in humanity as a whole. Government shifts.

-Anger at or towards authority or authority being controlling and forceful. Authoritative aggression.

-How can I take responsibility for my own will, feelings of anger, to deal with and properly use them?

-How can I take responsibility in a mature way for how I respond to things that are beyond my control, to aggression, anger, Masculine energy?


-A drive for order, needing structure, to be in something for the long haul, to use discipline towards.

Look to see where this New Moon is happening in your chart at 20 degrees Capricorn. The house placement will show you what area of play these energies take place in and affect from.

For clarification, I am only using the "sweat lodge" as a metaphor for these stories.

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