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Pineapple Power!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I do like pineapples very much but I used to hardly ever buy them! They’re packed with vitamin C, awesome for boosting your immune system, and contain good antioxidants as well as good for inflammation. Yeah that’s some good Pineapple Power! Having one at home shows me that I’m taking care of myself (Venus is associated with Self-love) and symbolizes that for me when I look at it and devour that juicy goodness thang. And when I look at it I see stars!! Ecstasy! ..aahhhh.

It may be because I’m studying and working on Astrology and my mind is in the cosmos and there’s this pineapple just beyond my laptop screen peering over going “Heeeey!”.. but...STARS! Hahaa it’s true. The outside of this pineapple is decorated with these natural 5 pointed stars like it’s wearing a decorated cape of some Tarot card character. I’d wear that, I love stars on anything.

Stars are there for all to see like a Rock Star. Used for navigation, wrapped in mythology, and have been seen, looked at, studied and wondered by all of humanity from way way back, …like way back. Also they’re Suns! And some are planets.

I am definitely someone who likes to see the beauty in natural things and take that in with great awe and wonder. See God in everything and everyone, appreciating and being grateful, immediately present and wondering at the natural things that surround you. It’s a spiritual experience to be present with such things and be conscious of being connected to them. There is beauty everywhere when you take notice, you don’t have to be a Mystic to experience that. You can look up to the stars or you can look down to the pineapple. Awesomeness.

Think of all the ways to be grateful for that pineapple. Someone grew it, picked it, shipped it, drove it, the Sun, Earth and water helped it grow, parents brought up the farmers, animals and vegetables fed them, it gives me nutrients, it’s all connected.

When we eat food there is a transformation process happening. We ingest fruits, vegetables, animals and all sorts of things that transform from what they were into a building elements of what you are. So be aware of what you eat. I AM the pineapple! That is a Scorpio/Pluto theme of transformation and merging when we eat, it's all quite sacred.

These pineapple stars, how they are wrapped on the outside as part of this fruit made me think about those wood carved figures on the bow of ships, they’re called figureheads. They were meant for protection, luck and calmness in rough seas. They also gave a ship it’s spirit. Dragons and Lions were at first the most common figureheads on ships and then maiden females (a woman’s beauty and attraction - Venus qualities, where used to appease the gods for safe travels) and warrior like male figures (Mars qualities, drive, breaking through, head on, willful, warrior, takes it on). Also here I want to point out that the Feminine is symbolized by the planet Venus which is ALSO associated with the Pineapple.

These figureheads lead the way, they hit the waves first. Like a Buddha smiling in the rain, they take what comes unmoved, strong, persevering, rides out a storm and sees (or should I say “seas” hehee) things through. A great trait to embody and be reminded of for sure. We all have our challenges and like the cycles of the planets, they change and move on, things come and go, nothing stays the same, constant movement of energies. Life challenges or like events in a Mercury Retrograde or a hard aspect in our birth chart are there for accepting to unexpectedly have to do things and approach things differently, accepting that things can be difficult, dealing with them and growing from our experience. (These are Saturn/Uranus themes too) Easier said than done.

Photo from Twitter @jupitersKanya

The 5 pointed star is also specific to the planet Venus. It’s 8 year orbital cycle, as seen from Earth, makes the shape of a 5 pointed star in the sky. It also looks like a flower and the flower of Venus is the Rose. Amazing sacred geometry. Super cool and very beautiful as it should be coming from Venus.

Go get yourself a pineapple. Here’s to your health!

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