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New Moonin Scorpio Nov. 13 2023

New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 13, 2023

The major planetary aspects:

The Moon, the Sun as well as Mars are together in the constellation Scorpio, opposite Uranus in Taurus.

This can be experienced as quite intense and perhaps out of the blue unexpected. Something can bubble up to the surface that you need to take action on. This is a big forward movement, new, new, new, vibe. Anger can spur this. A big emotional event can spur this. A confrontation of a power dynamic. This is an energy of self sufficiency and individuality vs merging with another and uniting. My money and things and possessions vs our things and the things we share. Physical vs emotional. Am I stuffing an emotion into a part of my body making it hurt physically? It needs to be spoken and released. This is calm vs chaos. This is being calm in chaos. Am I being overtaken by an obsession an energy, a habit, a person, that I have put too much of my attention into and it's been draining my energy? How can I protect my energy and make it useful in a new way.

This is a relationship aspect. There’s an energy of independence that is strong. Has my identity and emotions been too enthralled with another? This is raising the bar in how I am as an individual within relationship to move that forward within one or separating from it. Is there something that has been upsetting me but I’ve been holding on to but now needs release that I need to talk with my partner about but have been afraid to? Is there a break from control that I’ve been experiencing and I’m expressing that now. I’m I relying on another person too much or am experiencing someone relying too much on me? Maybe I want to break free from people, relationships or things that are holding me back from being myself fully, authentically. My vulnerability and intimacy creates an uncomfortableness and tension that is difficult but ultimately strengthens my relationships. This is a highly sexual energy too, is it working on a low vibration of obsession and control or is it raising us together to a new place in our relationships. If I’m single, how is my sexual energy being used. Maybe I have an “ahaa” moment with my therapist or I decide now is the time to take responsibility and take care of myself by talking with someone about my trauma that has to do with sex, or a relationship. Can I transform sexual or emotional energy into positive physical or creative output?

Maybe I'm identifying with my feelings and need to feel my physical body more. Perhaps I have to understand that my self care is necessary for creating a better relationship with my partner. Is there an aggressiveness that I’m experiencing that brings up an emotion that makes me look deeper into why I reacted in an impulsive way?

All these energies can be taking place in a certain area of our birth charts. We can experience them directly OR in people close to us subtly or in a dramatic way.

This is a great time to be thinking about how to raise the bar in moving forward with something or someone in a new way OR can I be the one who raises the bar for myself and changes my behavior and habits and ways of thinking that I’ve held onto for so long and have identified myself with in order to have forward momentum for myself or for the relationship that I’m in?

I can raise the bar with my inner talk and outer behavior to understand and practice my self worth and self respect and do things that radically change how I take care of myself mentally, physically and through my actions. I may be confronted with an experience where I am challenged to empower myself, am confronted and have to protect my own energy and power.

My thoughts to you are to be aware of your inner self as well as your outer surroundings and environment. Everything is for your growth. Whether you experience these these things and themes personally or have someone close to you or someone else that you see going through those things we have a choice in how we can respond and have loving compassion for ourselves and others through such experiences.

This is a new start energy and you have the capacity to think about what that is for you, and to water and give nourishment to those ideas and actions to move forward with.

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