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New Moon In Pisces March 10, 2024

From endings to beginnings.

The Moon and The Sun bask in the delight of relaxing on the bow of a boat on the ocean about to set sail again. They've just completed a long journey. Taking a break is necessary and needed. The Moon pulls out a guitar and strums slowly, a song begins to emerge, creativity is blossoming and the lyrics are blissfully out of fantasy . . . aaahh music, a wonderful escape, no worries,... this feels so good… let’s float along. The rocking boat makes us a little sleepy, we drift into the depths of sleep into our subconscious and dream. The world falls away and we’re egoless, absorbed and dissolved into the sea of oneness.

“Up and atom!” Shouts Saturn as The Moon and The Sun wake suddenly.

“Put on your shoes. Get cleaned up. Do your duty, you have obligations. Prepare the boat. Serve our guests.” Back to reality.

We’ve been ordered to remove some personal items and things that are unnecessary from the boat. There’s very little space, we need to make room for new things. We empty out.

There’s financial worries and relationships with our loved ones and friends are a bit challenged as we embark to leave on our new journey, they are our anchors to land. There’s a sense of independence and liberation. We need to handle these things in a mature way. We’ve even just been told that there’s been a sudden issue, a tear on one of our sails that will give us a momentary challenge and delay, that’s like an energy leak of power for our movement that must be taken care of if we want acceleration or else we surrender to a drift. 

All in place. All aboard. They listen quietly for the right time to move on. With an intuitive knowing and a feeling Mercury radios, ”We’re ready to go!”

It’s foggy and misty as the boat moves off to the open sea. We gain momentum silently and we have a dream and a direction.


I've just had the pleasure to spend some time on a boat relaxing and being on and near the sea. The shot above is from South Beach in Miami with a ship in the far background heading out to sea. Yes I was escaping! A vacation and rest was needed and helped give thought to Pisces season by the water.

The beginning of an end and a preparation for a new endeavor is on the horizon with this New Moon in Pisces. Pisces energy is strong here. Endings, letting go and going with the flow. Artistic, music, movies, creativity, imagination. The collective conscious and unconscious. Some high vibrations of Pisces energy have to do with egolessness, being compassionate, being of service, connecting with spirit, unconditional love, spirituality, transcendence. It's also understanding that down time and healthy escaping is necessary.

Lower vibrational energies of Pisces have to do with addictions, alcohol and substance abuse or anything really that can take us away even the use of technology. Escaping from mundane daily tasks and responsibilities. Losing ourselves in unhealthy ways in relation to others by giving too much of our energy. Being what or who everyone else wants us to be. Being taken advantage of, victim mentality. Lack of boundaries. Disillusionment and confusion.

-The Moon and The Sun are together with Saturn and Neptune all in the sign of Pisces.

The Moon and the Sun will quickly track to combine with Neptune. Take a moment to have a deeper look at yourself and how you are. Use Saturn energy to parent yourself and keep yourself grounded. Show yourself unconditional love and self compassion for your personal past or anything you've felt as a victim to. Release the past, make space for the new. "Baptize"your body, wash away and purify. Swim within safe boundaries.

-Mars and Venus are just following behind in Aquarius with Pluto.

These relationship oriented planets want to do things differently. Have conversations or experiences abled you to raise the bar together on how to do things or continue? There's an uptick for technology here in someway as well as an oomph for following your dreams. You can be highly creative at this time.

-There’s a Square to Uranus from Venus.

The high vibe for this is to be flexible with the sudden changes and challenges of Uranus. To handle them maturely and let go some. This is in regards to the relationships we have or our money or things we value. Or how can we let things go or give more space in order to upgrade a relationship or situation. We may have to surrender to a situation, accept and let be or let go from a place like that of a Wise Elder. Let us remember to take things deeper, how can you apply this with the relationship to yourself?

Have you heard of instant Zen? Satori. Like a lightning bolt shock you can be Enlightened suddenly.

-Mercury is ready and starting a new cycle at the very beginning of Aries supported by a sextile from Pluto. Pluto also sextiles the New Moon. Mercury is rip roarin' ready to go, it's releasing from the starting gate like a race horse. Interjecting communication, speaking it's mind, moving quickly, lots of communication but perhaps without thinking before saying. Watch what you say, you might want to take it back. Speaking with confidence and conviction. Speak up for yourself. Use this Pisces energy to communicate boundaries.

Stagnant water pools still, it goes nowhere, stale and grows bacteria and all sorts of gross things from within, flowing water moves, it’s fresh, it cleanses, it’s alive.

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