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Every Picture Tells A Story

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

An introduction to the service I provide as a personal Astrologer and what to expect.

As you can tell, I'm also a career Musician!

Your Birth Chart is a guide to an ever changing story of YOU. What I do as your Astrologer is interpret that and offer guidance. It is my pleasure to be of personal service to you by uncovering Astrological insights relating to your past, your future intent, and everyday aspects of your life as well as encouraging you to see Astrological themes in your daily being. This encouraging service is to support your growth, your uniqueness and talents. This work can reveal subconscious patterns and past conditioning as well. My background is in Evolutionary Astrology, the Soul’s Journey with a counseling essence. This is not therapy but it can be used as an alternative or in addition to that sort of personal service.

My approach with Astrology is that of helping you to see yourself more clearly as a path of Self-Discovery. That has been and is my own personal journey in life through Mysticism and with Astrology. The people I work with also have an interest in self examination, who are taking responsibility for their own growth, who want to know about and engage with a bigger essence of themselves. Some are in a healing process, some are at a turning point in life, some seek help through a rut, an addiction, a struggle or big challenges or are recovering from them. Some seek to shine as brightly as possible. I am someone who encourages bright shines. Any turn towards Self-Discovery is a self loving one.

I'm supportive of your own personal unique Journey. When you meet with me on-line or in person for a session, we create a Sacred Space, with me it’s a loving space and a trusted safe space as well. I am an open minded person and practitioner of this service that accepts you as you are with an encouragement for your personal self understanding and growth. Deep subjects are welcome with me and I’m open in talking about sexuality, relationship dynamics, traumas, wounds, and what may seem to most as strange or taboo behaviors. I look at, and will point out to you, the challenges, the difficulties and blocks to your best self and we talk about how to adjust if you wish to improve. Astrological information can be validating for you. You don’t need to know a smidget of Astrology to have a session with me. All genders, religions are welcome. The Sun shines on all of us.

Introductory Session $50

If you’re just curious and you would like to dip your toe in here with me without spending very much, I offer a half hour Introductory Session that will consist of a discussion with you about getting to know you, how things are going for you, and the very basics of your birth chart in regards to your essence, major themes and your soul’s evolution. Aspects and themes may be pointed out but not gone over in depth. A $10 discount will be offered for you for your next full session if you wish to continue investigating learning about yourself further.

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I'd be grateful for recommending this service and content to others.

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I actually have always wanted to do this,but,

I don't know the exact time of my birth only a range of time. Is it possible to get a clear chart done without this information being provided?


Replying to

Hi Sunny, thank you. There is what's called Chart Rectification that can hone in on a pretty close chart for you. It is essential to know a specific birth time for the most accuracy.

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