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Personalized Chart Interpretation and Guidance

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Birth Chart Reading


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Tarot Reading

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Introductory Session (30min) $50 plus $10 discount off full reading
Current Transit Reading Session $85
Couples Synastry and Composite Charts
Solar Return-Birthday chart for the year
Monthly Chart Reading Meet Up
Spiritual Support
Meditation Teacher

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It is my pleasure to be of personal service to you by uncovering personal Astrological insights

relating to everyday aspects of your life as well as encouraging you to see Astrological themes in your daily being to encourage your growth and your uniqueness. My background is in Evolutionary Astrology, the Soul’s Journey with a counseling essence.


My approach with Astrology is that of helping you to see yourself more clearly as a path of Self-Discovery. That has been and is my own personal journey in life through Mysticism and with Astrology. The people I work with also have an interest in self examination, who are taking responsibility for their own growth, who want to know about and engage with a bigger essence of themselves. Some are in a healing process, some are at a turning point in life, some seek help through a rut, an addiction, a struggle or big challenges or are recovering from them. Some seek to shine as brightly as possible. I am someone who encourages bright shines. Any turn towards Self-Discovery is a self loving one.


When you meet with me on-line or in person for a session, we create a Sacred Space, with me it’s a loving space and a trusted safe space as well. I am an open minded person and practitioner of this service that accepts you as you are with an encouragement for your personal self understanding and growth. Deep subjects are welcome with me and I’m open in talking about sexuality, relationship dynamics, traumas, wounds, and what may seem to most as strange or taboo behaviors. I look at, and will point out to you, the challenges, the difficulties and blocks to your best self and we talk about how to adjust if you wish to improve. Astrological information can be validating for you. You don’t need to know a smidget of Astrology to have a session with me. All genders, religions are welcome. The Sun shines on all of us.

I am a certified Astrologer through the New Paradigm school of Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Kaypacha.


Introductory Session $50

If you’re just curious and you would like to dip your toe in here with me without spending very much, I offer a half hour Introductory Session that will consist of a discussion with you about getting to know you, how things are going for you, and the very basics of your birth chart in regards to your essence, major themes and your soul’s evolution. Aspects and themes may be pointed out but not gone over in depth. A $10 discount will be offered for you for your next full session if you wish to continue investigating learning about yourself further.

Inquire about setting up a session by contacting me at

Full Birth Chart reading rates and more services below.

My Journey - Modern Mystic

Being conscious of the connection of everything there is in this Universe, and the particular role I play through individual, personal, and creative expression is something which I value as a way of life.

I grew up mostly in New England in the United States and have experienced moving around a lot as a child with my family. That helped me understand how to initiate, and establish relationships with different kinds of people, and also adapt to new environments and cultures.

My background, religiously, is one from a Catholic upbringing, and as a young adult I went on to explore further into the studies of Eastern Philosophies and that had a deeper appeal to me which led to the unfolding of a spiritual lifestyle. Music came into my life at an early age, and to this day I live a continuous path as a musician, songwriter, guitarist, and performer. For many years I have lived the exciting touring lifestyle.


Spirituality has always been a forward essence, helping me to understanding myself and people around me. As a Libra, I continuously experience life through love and personal connections, relentlessly growing from what I perceive through my studies and personal experiences. The music I create reflects that.


Growing up I had nurtured an interest in Astrology, but it was a close relationship of mine that sparked a further in-depth interest in this science. The Astrology exploration was weaved throughout this relationship, and it became a huge eye opener, a tool to get to know myself, and my partner in ways that had never been possible before.


The fundamentals of Astrology include the study of the Planets, the Psychological Blueprint of each Sign of the Zodiac, The Houses, The Aspects between the Planets, the Four Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), and The Three Modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable).  All these pillars come together in full complexity mode as a model for the chart interpretation. The Natal Chart reveals our Soul's Evolutionary process in the context of a lifetime, which unfolds in cycles of growth, reflection, expansions, limitations, challenges that are presented as obstructions and opportunities of all kinds. The combination of factors found in a personal Astrology chart is a unique field of energy that will unfold from the moment of our birth until we transition to another realm. The chart translates a pulsating spiritual body which is of a Cosmic Nature.


When we look at a birth chart it is reflecting who you are. "As above so below." When we look at a birth chart it is you, yourself, that learns from it, grows through it. Astrology helps you heal that which was once in the shadows, in the unconscious mind bringing new perspective and clarity into your life. A good Astrologer has the power to translate to you the Cosmic Codes, but it's you that must engage in doing the Evolutionary Path of Inner Growth by embracing the revelations that are being shared with you throughout your Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation Session. It is the most powerful self-knowledge tool in the most literal way. There is so much to learn from your Astrology that will allow you to pursue personal balance, knowing that your free will can also help shape your Destiny.

My Astrological practice reveals my interests in the most essential human issues such as: relationships, love, sexuality, creative expression, the unique expression of the self, and its particularities. My readings are geared towards empowering you to embrace radical self-acceptance, self-love, and in that process preparing you to accepting others as they are as well.

Astrology has taught me how to accept parts of myself that have been challenging as everyone has their own personal challenges and issues. It's also validated my paths and has helped me understand myself better, as well as others in which I'm in relationship with in addition to the relationship to the society for which I live in and my role in it. Through the studies of the personal cycles, according to Astrology, we come to terms with that with which needs to be addressed, and processed within the context of a continued Evolutionary Journey.

As an Astrologer, I approach you and your chart from a place of respect, love, and care. Listening to your life story is also important to me. I'm open to working with people who are willing to dig deep into their existential issues. Those who want to work on personal improvement, and self-growth have a special place in my practice. Astrology can be inspiring, helpful and eye opening. Your personal map, the birth chart, is not a fixed element, we can use it to learn, grow and navigate through the changes in our lives. I can be of service to you in this way.


My Astrological chart interpretation reading sessions are done via Zoom, and the session is recorded and sent to you for your further reference. I also offer a digital readout describing your major Astrological themes where some of the challenges and opportunities are highlighted.


In order for me to cast your chart I will need the following birth information: Birth day, month and year. City, state and country and the most important for chart accuracy is to have the right time of birth. The relevance of the time of birth is paramount as for Astrology depends on the precision of this information to translate as for the reading to reflect the perfect configuration of the Cosmos and its relation to the Earth at the time of birth.

I am a graduate and member of the New Paradigm School of Astrology which uses the Evolutionary Astrology methodology. I am also having private Astrology mentoring sessions with Sandra Nicolaysen who has an international career as an Astrologer and Psychologist.

Let's look at your chart!

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"Had a birth chart reading with Chris and cannot even begin to describe how spot on the information was. It gave me the awareness and clarity needed to make new choices in both my personal and professional life necessary for better balance. Thank you, Chris!" - Ann Michelle Muscato, Owner at Lone Star Ballroom.

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