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Cleaning Your Mirror

Sometimes dust and dirt settles so gently that we don't recognize that it's there until we look closely, others tell us or we see it there and don't do anything about it. In daily life sometimes in order to see ourselves clearly we have to put in some effort. Or sometimes others reflect back to us aspects of ourselves we may not like or have been unconscious of until it comes from other people, coming from the outside.

Do we like what we see when we look in the mirror? Are there are things of us that need to be seen clearly? Accepting who we are is an important practice and so is making making adjustments as we go.

Whether said aloud or in our head, positive self affirmation works wonders for our psyche and our we'll being. I think negative inner talk is way more common than positive inner talk within our minds. We can change that, it might not come natural (it doesn't for most of us) but we can choose to and practice positive thoughts about ourselves. Put in that effort for positive talk, catch yourself when you're thinking negatively. Also give gratitude in your mind speak. It raises your vibration.

In meditation practice the mirror resembles a wonderful state of non attachment. The mind that accepts ideas, mind thoughts and emotions that come into it and doesn't hold on but releases what leaves observing what comes and goes with no emotional attachment. Thoughts come and go, its what the mind does. Or like in a song, there can be many chord changes and we hear/observe them as they come with delight and when that G chord comes around it doesn't stay on that G chord, staying in the bliss of that G chord for ever and ever.

The Cosmic Mirror. I love that! That IS astrology. In connection with astrology, looking at our birth chart can reveal unconscious behavior. This also has to do with incorporating balance in our opposite astrological signs and polarity points. Recognizing our own negative or unwanted behavior. This is also Scorpio feel of looking deeply. It's also about projecting onto others or seeing yourself from an other. I think of Jupiter and Sagittarius with their positive thinking. Virgo's self-improvement and cleansing. Pisces, of letting go.

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