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Starman. Certified. Amplified!

I am most happily pleased to announce that I've graduated from the New Paradigm Astrology School of Astrology and achieved certification! It is not necessary to be certified to be an Astrologer. I wanted to strive to be a better Astrologer and raise the bar for myself so that I can do better in sevring someone in this way. For me, the certification adds trust and credentials with proven put in time and effort with an expert teacher.

This process had me attending weekly classes as well as study groups, an assigned amount of reading and workshops and a lot of practice all while continuing my own private studies and Astrology work. Every chart, every class and meeting reveal great unfolding of knowledge. Final sessions with my teacher Kaypacha and his clients culminated in the last part for the certification and graduation from the school of which I continue to help with.

I give many thanks to Kaypacha, the New Paradigm staff and teachers, my mentor Sandra Nicolaysen and "Cosmonaut" peers, and also to all that I’ve read a chart for, for the support in the experience leading up to this and as a great place to continue on with. Learning continues and I want to be doing the best I can for people all the while learning about myself in the process.

Being helpful with people's inner work and exploration of Self-discovery, being encouraging for one's every day unique life's journey is something I enjoy doing. Learning the ancient language of Astrology to guide those who seek in this kind of interest is very fulfilling.

"Chris is an Evolutionary Astrologer certified by Kaypacha. Through the value of safe space, a feeling of welcoming receptivity, and an earnestness in being of service to those on the path of Self-Discovery, Chris offers intimate, intuitive insights on personal challenges and growth, supporting those choosing to know themselves better.

Readings and meetings with Chris are counseling and conversation-based with a lot of heart, depth, and feeling for the support of your highest self and your Soul’s purpose."

- New Paradigm Astrology

If you'd like a session with me, I can be contacted at: 

or write to me directly at Readings are done via Zoom

Natal Chart Readings

Personal Transit Readings (meet with me every month or as you wish)

Specific Areas of Your Chart Discussions

Working With Your Challenging Aspects

Learning Astrology

More...visit my website home page.

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