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Astronimals! The mystical energy of animals and their connection to Astrology.

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The sacredness of animals and humanity’s relationship to them is so monumental as an aspect of living life. We can commonly see it as humans and animals, separate and quite different. They are not only mutually dependent of each other but we as humans took on to merge with animal spirit right from the beginning of mankind. The animals, and all things seen as external from us are not separate from us in reality ultimately though. Once we put names to animals and things (mostly because it is convenient as a social society and our ego selves see it as such) do we “separate” them from ourselves.

I got my leopard print on here, it makes me feel like an animal! I like to express myself through clothes and I love a good animal print, fur, animal emblems or representations in some way to carry those specific energies as a part of my being, holding and expressing those powerful energies and incorporating that in my personal style. It's using them like like a talisman in a spiritual way.

Animals feed us, there's a metamorphosis when animals, or anything for that matter, are eaten, we are those things we put in our bodies, those animals, plants, whatever become human we integrate these things to get nutrients from and grow ourselves, life lives on life in some way or form. Not only did the animals feed us to help us survive and perpetuate the human species but they were used in a multitude of ways with their bones, fat, skin and fur among other things to do so. From them also, tools, clothes, instruments, and so music even.

These are great gifts and another great gift from the animals are animal spirit and archetypes. Our ancient ancestors understood the sacredness of animals and from their relationship with them extracted a dimension of psyche that incorporated animal suchness to be useful with humans. What I mean by this is that we use animals, their energy, and spirit to create powerful symbols that further help human existence. Of course there is the “evil” or bad animal instinct vs human good and ‘Divine’, positive/negative duality that humanity has so long struggled with and has fought to tame or understand (the mythic Centaur, half man half animal comes to mind that we gave to tho the sign Sagittarius). Carl Jung explains that we have to integrate both energies and not squash or eradicate our animal nature and we can’t just only uphold the good and be Divine goodies either, lessons of acceptance and healthy integration are here.

Every animal has its uniqueness and individual characteristics and behaviors. Let's incorporate those things, they are gifts. And also how do they relate to us? We incorporate animal “power” to ourselves or use the strength of animal powers and spirit of that animal. What animals did we see today or cross our path, what symbolic meaning does that have for us? That is something that you can notice in your daily life. We extract meaning, we embody animal archetypes. We talk about spirit animals and totems. Everyone has a favorite animal! Those animals often resemble a person's character. The ancients put them in their story telling as characters. We give them a voice. They helped create myths to help mankind understand the un-understandable, the cosmic, the unknown, the magical, nature, why things are the way they are, to help understand what it is to be human. They are in the great stories and myths that put them up in the stars, so many of our constellations are animals. Thank you animals!

The astrological signs of the zodiac can be and are associated with animals. Many of them are symbolized by animals from the start, but some are not. I want to talk about these archetypes, the traditional ones and other ones, just to bring out the astronomical connections to you in a way that can be accessible and to help you familiarize yourself with the archetypes of the zodiac. Some of these animals are traditional to the signs and some are just what I myself feel and am sharing that to teach Astrology through. Here are some in no particular order.

The Elephant - Sagittarius

As I mentioned above. Sagittarius is the Centaur but that’s mythic. Let’s talk about an actual animal. When I think about the elephant I think of Africa, a foreign land (to me from the USA), foreign lands and long distance travel are Sag characteristics as well as a safari being adventurous, another Sag theme. The elephant is big, HUGE,

Sagittarius (Jupiter, it’s Ruling Planet) is expansion. Elephants are symbols of luck, Jupiter is a benefic planet. It stands as a tall animal that can see out and beyond the horizon far sighted. The elephant can intuitively feel through its feet and subsonic recepting ears (Intuition). The elephant is a very intelligent animal (Higher Learning). The elephant is part of a grand spiritual essence and is also part of the Hindu religion as the god Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Another Sagittarius animal would be the Wild Stallion Horse, independent, representing freedom, nature, and the freedom to explore. As well as the Wise Old Owl teacher.

Coyote - Gemini

Coyote is the Trixter, young, foolish but wise. Coyote plays a variety of many roles (Mutable, an Astrology term- changeable, adjusts, learns) in Native American legends there’s this major learning theme through coyote’s role and his stories, perhaps more than any other animal, that are communicated spoken to gathered people and written for future generations (siblings especially when we’re talking about Gemini). Communication is a major theme for Gemini.

The Lion - Leo

The lion is the powerful animal for Leo. A King or Queen. At the top. Golden like the Sun, it’s purpose then to shine, to be seen and express itself. Roarrrrrr! You know that’s the King or Queen and they expect to be treated as such and be the center of attention, roll out the red carpet and blow the trumpets! Pride. The lion symbolizes courage. Positively expressed in us humans as creativity most of all, self-expression, generosity, authenticity, love, a big heart. The energy can also negatively expressed as egotistical, overly self-oriented, cold-hearted or vain. Even The Sea Lion at the aquarium is Leo like as a stage performer! Another animal that comes to mind for Leo to me is The Dog, a happy one, full of life and play (Astrology 5th House traits )and needs lots of love and attention.

Lovebird parrots - Libra

Love and partnership. A bonded loving pair, partners, companions, beautiful, equality and balance. Libra's focus is about the Other. Relationships. The Eagle can symbolize Justice and Equality and standing up for and protecting human rights and fairness, all also Libra qualities. Libra is also an Air sign. Creativity and artistic are Libra traits as well. There is also learning the balance of opposites and lessons in co-dependency. The Peacock as well for its colorful visual beauty. Libra is associated with the planet Venus. (Lovebird photo from

The Scorpion - Scorpio

The traditional symbol for Scorpio. Hides and is comfortable in dark places, secretive, seductive, mysterious, this animal when backed into a corner will strike with venom. Likes to hold on with its claws and its phallic stinger carries with it strong sexuality. The Eagle is also a related animal with it’s powerful gripping and tearing talons and symbolizes power. The Dragon, although a mythic creature, is also connected with Scorpio symbolizing our Shadow, taboo, deep inner psychological selves, fear and also the act of merging, here in the dragon is both snake of the earth and eagle or bird of the sky. Scorpio is also about merging with another, metamorphoses, sharing and becoming a single-ness, something new. The Vampire Bat and The Tick- These animals/insect have relationships with others based on need and attachment. They can suck life force and energy. Scorpio involves power struggle issues too.

The Vulture is connected with death as is The Crow. The Snake, perhaps the greatest symbol of death/rebirth and transformation, all aspects of Scorpio with planet Pluto (and Mars) being associated with it.

The Wolf - Aquarius.

The wolf can be the “lone wolf” as an individual and a rebel, a non-conformist as well though can be within a pack like in a group of friends. The Cat - Likes to be up high to observe. Does their own thing, seen as a cosmic animal/entity3rd eye kind of stuff, very independent. Aquarius is individualistic, rebellious, detached and an observer among many things as well as having to do with friends, groups and communities.

Honey Bee, Ant, the Beaver - Virgo. All have to do with work, working hard and just work work work. The Spider also is a continuous worker and is meticulous and detailed and perfect with creating and weaving its web. Manifesting things through hard work. I also think about the Seeing Eye Dog, as well as The Horse for their hard work and most of all, service to humans. In addition to work and service, Virgo is also about using your individual talent for others and has to do with health.

The Ram - Aries.

Goes into battle, "rams" up against, charge! The warrior. A leader. Determined. Fight, argumentative, anger. The Male Gorilla is associated with primal animal instinct, impulses and desires, male energy, very physical, competitive, ego, self oriented and independent.

The Shark - expert hunter and attacker and also independent.

Mustang Horse a pioneer, self-motivated, strong, sexual symbolism, charges, fast, initiates, exploration, wild, freedom.

The Bull - Taurus

Another traditional symbol of Taurus. Fixed, stays, stable, stubborn, earthy, self-oriented. Picture a warm day, a slow grazing bull by a tree by itself, beautiful scenery, smell of the dirt, the flowers, staying here for a bit, enjoying. That’s a Taurus vibe. Taurus is also dependable and trustworthy.

Tiger- Sensual, physical, sexual, also very independent.

The Sloth- Slow, steady, self sufficient, the tree hugger.

The Termite, they are architects building homes and things from the earth.

The Sea Goat. A whaaat!?? - Capricorn

Yep, that’s a mythical creature that comes out from the sea and works it’s way all the way up the mountain. The Mountain Goat goes step by step working towards its goal from creative idea through to its accomplished manifestation. Shows little emotion, just career focused on making it up that mountain, persevering and building a reputation through career. The Black Bear or Grizzly- A powerful father figure, representing authority, feared, has a reputation and a substantially large presence. (Image by Crispy Copper)

The Crab - Cancer

Comes from water (emotions) protects itself from the world in its shell. Home. Needs it's space. Cancer is also Maternal energy so I think about Mama Bear or Chimpanzee that protects, cares for and nurtures their young.

The Fish - Pisces

The Fish, no boundaries, a part of the huge open vast infinite like ocean. Water. The unconscious. Creativity, imagination, ideas, dreamer, that gives great inspiration for musicians and artists pulling from the imagination and spirit worlds down through the body and out manifested into this world like a magician producing something out of thin air. Talking about water/drowning, this can also be escapism and addiction, low depression- A Slug, a Lab Rat or Mouse. A high Wallaby in a poppy field or a drunken monkey eating fermented fruit. Escapes like a Deer.

The Chameleon - They change to be many things to please others not really knowing themselves as to who they really are. They can be ego-less, infinite, helping others, unconditional love. Speaking of egolessness, this is also a very spiritual sign so I think of The Turtle that goes out into the infinite sea and also goes "within" themselves. The Fish has also been a symbol for Jesus connecting it further to spirituality.

We can be mindful and conscious of the animals in our life. Show gratitude, love and care for them. What other animals do you associate the Zodiac signs with?

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