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Astro Cats

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Cat Astrology

Are you ”feline” fine today!?? I hope so! Big cat lover here. They've got a good vibe. A calming presence, those purrs and I like how they just do there own thing. I grew up with cats and lived with them most of my life. I’m a bit of a cat whisperer. If I’m good friends with your cat, it could get its own theme song from me sung every time I see your cat.

I have a gift.

I find cats to be cosmic animals, there’s just something about them on that level, so I wanted to connect cats with the stars for you here as a demonstration in helping teach you about astrology in a fun furry way through cat behaviors matched up with the signs of the Zodiac. Here are basic themes, energies characteristics and archetypes of the signs, planets and houses in relation to cats. What sign is your cat? OR, or, cat lover, … what cat are you!? Here we go:

Aries Cat - This cat’s primary purpose is to be outside on his own and hunt and he’s good at it and has the drive and instinct to do so. If in a pack this cat leads. (Did you know a pack of cats is called a “clowder”?!)

Tear apart bloody warrior wild cat. Probably has some scars from cat fights. When he’s hungry, he doesn’t think about it, he takes action spontaneously and goes out and gets what he wants. Satisfying his primal needs. You might have this cat in your family but it’s pretty much just doing his own thing. You let him out in the morning, he takes care of himself and his own needs. If you've never seen this cat in your neighborhood, it's probably an Aries Cat exploring new turf. Can get angry and irritated with you quickly and can swipe at you. Will only play with brand new cat toys until it gets bored with its fascination. Can also be in the kitten stage with that that newness energy. You let him out in the morning and probably don’t see him for a good while if not days even.

Taurus Cat - This is the stray cat most likely having no owner or home, she’s self sufficient and independent and does what’s necessary to survive. Beautiful Cat Woman body. She loves just sitting in the meadow, enjoying the flowers and the warm sun with a nice stream and the sound of beautiful music in the distance. Loves cat furniture, like actually uses it. Will stay and watch you dance and play music.

This cat has fur that is SO amazing and feels great to you, lots of pets and even smells good to you too. This is a routine based cat, you see her doing behavior in the same place at the same time everyday. Will accumulate and hoard cat toys to one specific place. Very territorial. Will not move when you want to get up if she’s on you.

Gemini Cat - This cat talks plenty, meow meow meow meow, a meow for everything. A good communicator that way and you know what he's talking about. City cat. He’s very aware of his surroundings and if you let him outside he’ll just stay pretty close by but he does like car rides. This cat does things that make you laugh and always seems to look like a small young cat. Super smart cat, can figure a lot of things out you’re like ”how in the world did you do that??” This is where “curiosity killed the cat” comes from. This cat lives with a brother or sister. You’ll be sure to find a large variety of cat toys around this cat.

Cancer Cat - I can’t find this one, where is she….. Oh theeeeere she is! Under the couch behind a long lost stuffed animal, that’s her safe spot. Might be a little skittish and afraid. After a while when she trusts you, she’ll come out and sniff around and be friendly to you and will like to be held, but it takes a little bit to get to that point. Pretty quiet cat, needs her time alone. Definitely an indoor home cat. These are indoor house cats only and lay low somewhere safe. This is the Mama Cat. Cares for her young and likes licking you and thinks you’re another cat to take care of. This cat gravitates to the mom of the household. When you’re feeling low or sad, this cat feels that and comes to sit with you.

Leo Cat - Every cat is freakin’ LION!! A little lion in your living room. The lion is the cat of all cats, king of cats, what a heritage. This cat sits regally like a King and you cater to it’s every whim, he’s in charge. He loves and wants your and everyone's attention, it’s all about this dang cat. A look at me Instagram cat. Loves to play and be seen, having fun, putting on a show for you. You'll find this cat sitting in the sun. Show him your approval by telling him he’s a good boy. This cat deserves Fancy Feast and a special place to sleep all done up for him, totally pampered. Generously loving. What you see is what you get with this cat. Likes to sit on your chest where your heart is. He’s good with the young children. He'll will meow a lot to express itself. A creative creator may be seen hanging out when creative projects are in process or he’s going out and makin’ babies you Tom Cat.

Virgo Cat - This cat is fed healthy food and likes running around for good exercise. Speaking of running around, this cat hardly sits still, like it’s busy all the time and gets sick often because it pushes itself to the limit. Its home is actually the workspace like when you see a cat at the hardware store or bookstore. This cat walks into a room and makes sure everything is in its perfect place and where it should be, “did you move that?! It’s been moved, it doesn’t belong there owner.” This cat lives in a spotless clean house. Dinner is served to its young directly from its mouth, the mouse, the bird, the rabbit’s left leg, dropped from her mouth to feed her young or related cat before she herself eats. Will you stop cleaning yourself?? Lick, lick, bath time, lick (I think you're clean by now) lick, lick. This cat has extra fingers on her paws. Can catch a super tiny insect with ease. You’re doing something like cleaning the house, cleaning the dishes and this cat is right there wanting to help. This is a healer cat, just its presence has some sort of healing power to her or she sits with you in a way that gives a healing kind of essence to her. You probably call her a goddess.

Libra Cat - This is a total lover cat that likes showing his affection, the head butts, the side to side shwoops from his face to yours, the purring, the LOUD purring, the cuddling, lots of petting, the pushy paws on your tummy. He’s a good balancer. You catch him somewhere or watch him jump and walk across a thin railing with ease and you’re like “whao, amazing.” They always like to be with you no matter where you are in the house. “Going into the kitchen? Me too then! Time for a potty break? I’ll go with you.” Companion Cat. Or maybe this cat is part of a duo of cats and you see them together most of the time, this one’s licking and bathing the other usually. This cat lives in a colorful home who's owner is either an artist or a judge. Having some friends over or a party? Doesn’t phase him, he’s part of the social scene you’ve got there. Comfortable. Hanging out, easy going, relaxed, friendly cat. Leave the cat alone at home on its own and it might go bonkers while you’re away though.

Scorpio Cat - This cat lives with the witch or the wizard, he’s the occult cat. This cat has been through hell and back, died 8 times already. 8. You let this cat out at night. Who knows what this cat is up to, he’s more mysterious and private. She’s probably digging deep into the Earth, catching snakes and scorpions and transforming/shapeshifting into some other animal and then returns home in the morning after its shamanic underworld journey. Will strike and swipe at you with her sharp claws super quick when backed into a corner or from a dark hidden place that you don’t see. This cat NEEDS an owner. Who owns who? Who’s in control? “I’m going to sit on your bladder while you’re in bed to make you get up and feed me kind of cat. I’m going to scratch on this door until you open it and let me in. I’m going to push this glass to the edge of the table, you better get over here ..NOW.” It's got some power, this cat knows how to get you to do what they want. She can be possessive and jealous. If your petting your other cat or giving that cat attention, this one will come over for your attention. This cat will also change your life in some major way, somehow transform you. You have some sort of soul connection with this animal in a powerful unmistakable way and bond with this cat.

Sagittarius Cat - A country cat, farm cat. Let this cat out to explore on its own. Travel Cat. You put this cat in a little back pack, travel carrier or a leash and head out on journeys with this cat. Loves it. This is often a big, larger or fat cat. Usually has a big smile on its face even while sleeping. This cat is a good teacher, teaching its young how to explore and hunt and do all sorts of things. Love’s it when you’re reading learning about something, right there with you if not ON the book your reading while you’re trying to. This cat hangs around your garden buddha statue or seems to have its favorite place on top of your prayer alter. If you were a dog lover and/or didn’t like cat’s, this cat converted you into loving cats. You’re a cat person now.

Capricorn Cat - Loves boxes, this is a firm structure and is practical as a bed and a good sitting spot even though it’s cold and dry. This cat has a social reputation. When this cat is outside, people recognize it, know it and have stories about it. (Oh there’s Captain Whiskers! Hey C.W.!) Hangs out in the part of your house that is the office. She is skilled, patient and persistent on the hunt, moving with calculated firm footing and steps with its eyes always locked on its target. She might set her family aside to go out and accomplish these things she wants to do. Prefers not to be pet so much. This is an older mature cat. A bit distant at home, doesn’t engage with it’s owners or human family much but if so will gravitate to the dad of the house and might be a cat that gets disciplined often.

Aquarius Cat - This is an odd cat. He is a unique looking one. He poops in one of those futuristic automatic cleaning litter boxes too. Does his own thing. You can’t train this cat, it just doesn’t care to conform to whatever you want it to be or do. When you open the door to let this cat out, it RUNS out, freedom! Hangs out in high places to observe everything going on. This cat is out on its own or you just saw it hanging out on the lawn outside from your window, but then, suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s the cat right behind you! Unpredictable behavior with this one and has it’s personal quirks you find cute. Your friends love this cat and gravitate to it. This cat takes things away from you and hides them, you’ll never find them, you actually don’t need them. You have to attend to this cat all of the sudden like in an emergency kind of way sometimes.

Pisces Cat - This cat likes to be by herself. Eats fish and can live by the sea. This is a cat that can be a professional service animal in some way for the elderly or kids for calmness and unconditional love. She’s been an extra in a movie or somehow makes it into your YouTube video while you're filming. This cat prefers to be by herself though, she has her spots hidden away from everybody in the house. Sleeps and sleeps. She comes around when you're playing guitar or some instrument or you’re being creative in some way. This cat inspires you in some way. She's an escape artist, likes to escape out your door. You have an ESP telepathic connection with this cat. You dress this cat up in fantasy outfits. This cat can be an elderly cat close to the end of its life. Sits with you when you're meditating using it's powers to connect you with spirit. Maybe she lives in a Buddhist monastery. Will sleep on your head at night inducing magnificent dreams and traveling with you in wacked out bizzaro dreams. This cat is high on catnip.


What kind Astro Cat is your cat!? Or a mixture of? What kind of cat do you most associate with? Goes to show you that no one is a pure Sun sign. These re just general themes. We all have all the signs as part of us but certain ones shine through more than others in different combinations. Take care of your pets and show them great love.

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