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What Does It Mean to Be Grounded?

Updated: May 7, 2022

Taurus/2nd House

I’m not talking about when you're a teen and your parents ground you! I’m talking about the term itself when we’re describing how we are or how someone else can be seen as and what does that mean? In astrology we’d connect this term mostly with Taurus and the 2nd House. Taurus’ mode and element is Fixed Earth. So we’re talking stable, secure, centered, doesn’t move, stubborn perhaps, stays, comfortable where ones at, resisting change, practical and dependable, grounded. At the time of writing this we are in Taurus season. Everyone has Taurus in their birth chart so these themes hit in specific areas of your life.

I’m on drums here because this instrument is grounding and “Earthy,” especially if we were to think about a playing style like John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, bombastic, big sounding, low, heavy, “jungly” even perhaps. I’m inspired by a great drum beat or drum fill when it comes to writing, recording or performing with a drummer. Props to all the drummers I've had the pleasure to play with!! They make it look easy!

Playing drums is a new thing for me, I’m a total beginner. It came out of Aries season for me as I had a drive for wanting to use it as a healthy valve to release anger energy and I wanted to do something more active and do something fun for myself as part of a self-care regiment, to initiate something new for me and go for it. I had always thought I didn’t have the coordination for it but I wanted to press on, try and learn and build confidence in playing it. Musicians are also linked with Taurus too, and drummers for sure in this case as it is a physical instrument.

Drums are Earthy instruments if you think way back with our ancients, they were made from wood and animal, and it takes a body to be more (even forcefully) physical (Taurus theme) with it to play it. It's an outwardly physical expression. Pretty magical that a beat that can be produced to make our bodies move and set a feel and and an excitement. It’s the base beat, the heart beat of a song, of a band. Drums build a solid foundation for a song. It’s also the more bigger instrument, a combination of many things to hit in a drum kit for a band, so you can say that the drummer has more “possessions” (Taurus/2nd House theme) to complete their instrument.

Mostly I would say that being grounded is lessening one's ego or keeping it in check, being aware of not letting it get carried away, being conscious of potential hubris. One who is full of themselves isn’t necessarily grounded. While being self-oriented is an aspect of the character of Taurus as Aries is well at this stage of the Zodiac, an awareness and balance can come into play when we're conscious of it, when we catch ourselves being overly subjective, overly self-oriented or inflated egotistically. So, having this awareness is a grounding element. It grounds us by keeping both our feet on the ground instead of the heady up up and away headiness of too much ego.

This reminds me of a time when I met Keanu Reeves. I have in my head that he’s a famous person and so I have my preconceived thoughts on how he could be. The band I was working with was opening for his band at the time and I was standing with him on

stage before sound check and he introduced himself to me, “I’m Keanu.” We had a simple conversation for a bit but there was an on the same levelness that was friendly, easy, ordinary and “normal.” I think that for some people in the public eye or are big stars can show this example when they show themselves as being grounded. They're not trying to put you on. It's being humble and real. It’s not letting your ego get the best of you. We tend also to put too much expectation on such people, they’re human.

Being grounded is having confidence in who you are, having a solid footing on who we are. Taurus/2nd House also has to do with self-worth, self-value and self-love. Venus is not only the planet of Libra but also Taurus too. Learning to be comfortable where you’re at. When you know your values and live by them in a general “fixed” way you keep the bar raised for yourself, you allow what good comes into your life because you have self-love and are practicing that, you want what’s best and what's right for you, what makes you happy and to feel good about yourself.

Being grounded is dealing with your emotions in a stable and mature way. Privately, just feeling and allowing them, taking a moment for that and expressing that somehow. How we deal with our emotions privately is our own thing. Publicly, being grounded is seen more as handling your emotions more maturely, even stoically perhaps. Not stuffing emotions down but being more calm in a situation and handling what’s in the moment no matter how difficult or emotional while also expressing ourselves. When we show this behavior it can be seen as someone who is grounded. One who is more relaxed, easy going, things don’t get to them, head on their shoulders, they’re appropriate, honest and real.

When we say I'm going to "ground myself" or do things to be grounded like in an activity it means that we're connecting with our bodies and mind in the present moment. We ground ourselves when we become conscious of our senses and focus, we pull in what is happening around us. This is Zen and meditation, present moment being-ness, ego-less, feeling the body here and now and releasing stress and anxiety. There are all sorts of activities we can do that ground us that we become totally present in.

Being grounded in electrical terms is completing an electrical cycle in a circuit. Electrical devices need grounding in some way to make them work properly. It’s actually a safety, protection and stabilizing measure that takes and dispenses excess charge of electricity. Think of that as like being grounded from over “egoing” like what I talked about above discharging excessive egoic behavior. Grounding in an electrical circuit keeps you from being shocked and a grounded person will most likely not be someone who is “shocking.” Also as this function keeps you safe, we can link this to survival, which is also a Taurus/2nd house theme.

So in a good basic sense this is what it means to be grounded. For some people this is natural behavior or a natural way of being. For some, it's not and for others learning to be conscious of this essence is part of ones growth over time. Do you have other ways or examples of what it means to be grounded or how this term is expressed in people?

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