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Virgo Energy

Virgo! Perfect! We all have some Virgo as part of our being. People born with the Sun, Moon or their Rising sign in Virgo, or have a lot of planets in the 6th House or in Virgo use it more profoundly as part of themselves and as part of their nature in how they are. Here are some aspects of Virgo energy.

Health Conscious

Virgo can be a healing and purifying energy. This is being conscious of the mind and body. This is the real 3D, physical, practical, down to Earth world. We take care of our body and mind and we work on improving ourselves. We can also improve ourselves by removing what no longer works for us.

Virgos can be nutrition conscious and could more likely be Vegetarians and Vegans, they are more conscious about what they put into their bodies. Purifying. Cleansing. Purging. Removing things to better something. Getting exercise is important and having a daily routine is usually very important as well. Virgo can also have health issues though too. They’re health energy can inspire others with their own health consciousness.


If you're someone who really likes to work and is continuously busy, that’s a Virgo energy. Putting in effort and lots of it and being able to handle the piling on of things to do. Virgo gets things done!

The Honey Bee, The Spider, and Ants are all good associations with this sign. They are great problem solvers. Virgo is about perfection and skill. Practice, refining, improving, fixing, preparing and perfecting. A person with Virgo energy is also perfectly fine being by themselves and on their own. This energy is super good with minute details, small intricate things, analyzing, organizing things, things that need precision, looking at things very closely. They can make great editors. Virgo is also associated with the hands and fingers so maybe what they do involves the hands specifically.

People with Virgo energy can manifest things into their lives and work to make them happen. Virgo can be perfectionist and also be very critical and judgemental of their own work, themselves and others which can spur on people and themselves to do and be their best, but it can also come out in an unbalanced negative way to a point of being overly controlling or feeling and expressing things as not being good enough. So even though a task could have been delegated and done, they end up doing it themselves to a point of their own satisfaction. Virgo can also feel this internally as well so can overdo to compensate and push harder to do better or become depressed because of feeling that they are not good enough sometimes. This is also when we’re putting in over-time, going far beyond what is needed, working and not stopping until a task is done. It can go overboard with a workaholic energy and we can even work themselves to exhaustion and to a point of becoming sick. So the energy can tip and be full into work and not about one’s body and health. There can be a lot of stress and anxiety.

Being of Service

We use our unique talents from Leo energy, perfect them, refine and prepare them, figure out what’s best and then apply and give them as to be in service to others with. Virgo applies to something outside themselves. We work on our health to be able to continue to be of service. This is also the energy of a servant and humility. This also is an initiation into relationship. When we do these things from an inner standpoint we prepare ourselves to be better for relationships- from self to other, from Leo, THROUGH Virgo and into Libra. Virgo can be in all sorts of serving professions as well as health and healing ones like doctors and nurses and nutritionists.

Let's go deeper...

Pain and Crisis

Sometimes, consciously and unconsciously Virgo energy can attract or welcome pain, suffering and crisis. It can be as simple as doing an exercise to a point of pain or that the experience of crisis is the thing in my life that makes me grow. It’s “no pain, no gain.”

I have to suffer to be worthy. It’s through pain that makes me worthy. That the transformative path to Spirit is through pain. This is The Martyr archetype, sacrificing, Jesus bloody

and suffering on the cross for our sins, this can even be the Phoenix symbolism in a way as well. The Phoenix builds its own pyre, and sets it on fire and used as fuel to rise through and learns from and grows out of. It can also be masochistic as applying pain to oneself consciously. There can be an emphasis on sin, and feeling guilt and shame and then redeeming oneself, atoning. This is an image of monks whipping themselves on their back. The cycles of sin to atonement, to purify from wrongdoing are here. This energy can also withstand pain quite a bit and can also be traumatizing.

The Balance of Pisces

Virgo can incorporate its opposite sign Pisces when they learn to let go, to surrender and trust, when they understand that not everything has to be so perfect and practical. This is when we’re connecting Spirit with the body and mind as one element and not separate. Virgo balances with Pisces through unconditional love and compassion, instead of conditional love or feeling that they have to work and do something to be appreciated or loved or that service can come from a place of love rather than duty or for appreciation. It’s recognizing love and union with Spirit, the Divine, rather than through pain, fear and control. It’s making the dream (Pisces) tangible and real, manifesting that. It’s being imaginative and creative in the workplace. It’s letting go of Ego a little more while also having it and using it at the same time. It’s not just taking care of myself and my health but including everybody. When we take care of ourselves we better our relationships with others, our immediate environment and our community, this is a mentality of using the opposite energy of Pisces along with Virgo as a balancing tool. This balance can possibly come from someone else in your life that is Pisces or embodies Pisces energy that balances you out or you learn from them how Pisces energy can be useful to you if you have a lot of Virgo energy. And also then, Pisces uses Virgo energy to balance.

The Spider is actually a great example of this balanced Virgo/Pisces energy as the Spider singularly works and puts in effort using it's skill and legs like fingers to weave a very detailed perfect web and then uses the Pisces energy of having faith, trusting in a Higher Power or way of the Universe, something bigger than themselves, and being patient without the control over when a fly comes and gets trapped for food. Also the Spider waits for breeze and wind and "let's go" with faith and trust, we could say, to travel to another location.

Here's to good health!

Christopher Perricelli

Astrology With Chris

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