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Venus In Virgo

The Venus in Virgo energy has to do with our relationships, our own self-improvement, criticism and personal growth. With Venus in Virgo occurring from October 8 to November 8, 2023, it combines the energies of Venus, symbolizing love and relationships, with the healthy, meticulous traits of Virgo.

One prominent theme during this time is self-improvement. Improving how you look, stepping it up with your health. A better look into how you are taking care of yourself for the better. What is healthy for you? What forms of music, books, articles and art would not only be enjoyable but also healthy for your mind and soul? What are you feeding yourself?

This period can involve beauty and self-image in a perfectionist and critical way. The critical eye of Virgo may lead you to scrutinize appearances, both yours and others'. It's a time when you might strive for perfection, but it's also an opportunity to embrace acceptance. Remember, beauty is subjective, and sometimes, imperfection is perfect.

When we take care of ourselves in a healthy way we can show up better in our relationships. How can we improve ourselves to be better in relationships? Self improvement can be a window for healing relationships. Constructive conversations are essential. You might be talking with someone to mend and enhance your connections, or someone may reach out to you, seeking your assistance in nurturing their relationships.

Relationships. You might feel an urge to fix your partner, or perhaps they want to fix you. Control issues within relationships can surface, causing relationship crises and even leading to letting go of connections that are no longer healthy for you. The desire for perfection in partnerships could trigger confrontations, but remember that perfection is an ideal, and acceptance is key. Beyond romantic relationships, Venus also governs all one-on-one interactions, whether they're with friends, family, teachers, etc. as well as partners and lovers.

Criticism is likely with Venus in Virgo. Whether it's receiving criticism from others, offering critiques, or battling inner self-doubt and self-criticism, the process of self-reflection and growth can be present. Criticism is generally thought of as bad and a time when someone is disapproving. Are we projecting our own insecurities onto others? When we criticize someone for traits we find undesirable, it's worth considering whether these traits are reflections of our own inner insecurities. How about bringing in more positive thoughts towards ourselves, cutting those old negative tape loops in our minds?

Receiving criticism calls for understanding, learning, and growth when accepting constructive feedback. Artists, in particular, may develop a thick skin and learn to handle criticism, like reviews in a blog, gracefully (or not) but especially when you’re being creative with someone or are learning from a teacher, (Virgo is apprenticeship) constructive criticism is necessary and is a stepping stone for learning and growth. We want to make something better, to perfect something (Virgo) we receive (Venus) guidance to improve something. Who’s giving the criticism? Is this person an expert in your field, someone you look up to, a trusted friend, loving partner or an acquaintance or a stranger? It can also be negative when delivered as an attack or a cut-down if it’s not meant to help you. At this point protecting your self respect would be necessary. It's also important to distinguish between opinions and criticism. I had to think about the differences. Constructive criticism serves the purpose of improvement, whereas opinions are personal preferences. In the pursuit of perfection and self-improvement, well intended criticism can be a valuable tool. With Venus, we don’t have to hate someone because of an oppositional personal opinion, it’s just disagreement. We can’t control the opinion of others, self expression is important.

Also, consider how we deliver criticism to others. Venus encourages a calm and loving approach in communication. Effective criticism necessitates a delicate balance of sharing, listening, and showing love, and it can strengthen relationships when offered with compassion and understanding.

Venus in Virgo can revel in meticulous, detailed, craftsmanship. Virgo is like the isolated maiden up in the tower working hard on something and being just fine working on things on her own but it might be a time to reach out for help, assistance or guidance instead of being self-reliant in this time.

Our financial life can undergo a thorough examination as well in this time period. Expenses can be scrutinized, and you may find yourself making conscious choices about your spending. Perhaps you're also investing in things that contribute to your overall health, like a gym subscription or apps for exercise and healthy cooking for example. Practicality and what’s healthy and good for you can become a guiding principle for your spending.

In addition, Virgo loves to work and be useful so it can be a very busy time for many of us more than normal along with getting yourself very organized and keeping things neat and clean. Is our busy-ness taking away from our relationships too much? This is a good time to schedule in a little more partner time and some romance. A great time to purge clothes or anything not useful for the betterment of your well being would be good here too.

While Venus travels through Virgo, or the 6th House, despite its potential challenges, she invites personal healthy growth and a deeper understanding of ourselves, how we take care of ourselves and our relationships. It's an opportunity to fine-tune our lives, and our health, to appreciate the imperfections, and nurture our connections with love and care.

Do you know what House Venus is transiting in Virgo in your birth chart? That would be the general playing field of these energies.

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