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Tina Turner's Birth Chart

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Rock & Roll Astrology

With the passing of this energetic talented iconic entertainer I wanted to take a moment to look at her birth chart so here it goes!

Tina was born Anna Mae Bullock with the Sun in Sagittarius.

With Pluto in Leo in the 12th House she comes into this world already with talent to express with fire and passion. With a Square aspect to Saturn that recent past life could have held back those urges to come into reality. Here also perhaps in her recent past life been victimized or made to serve. This position has her transforming her Leo energy and to express herself with great power and energy for all to see and to be inspiring.

Leo Rising - Because she has a cusp in Leo bridging the 12th and 1st houses, she's taking this Leo energy from the past and birthing it anew into this lifetime. Leo wants to be seen, likes attention, enjoys being in the spotlight, loves a stage and performs. She certainly roars! This is a more self-oriented placement. In her lifetime she learns about courageousness, generosity, love as well as the lessons of egotism and to transcend what it means to want and need attention and approval. She's seen as being passionate in what she does. She is known as the "Queen of Rock & Roll. What she does leaves a legacy. As an Ascending 1st House sign she takes on the appearance of a lion with her iconic hair style.

Moon in the 10th Gemini - It's possible that at a young age she had a lot of responsibility maybe with siblings or that she worked at a young age. Her Leo energy helps here as this is a placement that says that she needs to be seen and loves that as well as it being a major part of her career. The moon is strong here because she was born on a Full Moon so she is shining bright for all to see and that her social role is to do such. She probably had the capacity do a variety of things as part of her career. Also in relation with the Sagittarius Sun, she is willing to and likes to travel, with new destinations every day, and things changing quickly at a fast pace.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

T-Square Moon opposite Sun, Square Mars.

This reveals the tension from her partner and husband Ike Turner. Sun conjunct Mercury shows that she has a voice and with the Gemini/Sag opposition on the thought and mind axis she's most likely quite intelligent. The Mercury/Sun conjunction square Mars would be heated fights and potentially difficult and challenging communication with her partner. The square from Mars to her 10th House has to do with her career and her public persona so this challenge is connected here. Mars in Pisces here can be someone taking over, being susceptible to being taken advantage of and being used by a partner. The Home/Work opposition has its release with challenging Mars in the 7th House of relationships/partnerships.

MC - Again the 10th House (career, place in society) top of her chart in Taurus shows that she is a survivor and can be in what she's doing for the long haul. It also shows that what she does can have to do with her body (dancing) as well as being a musician. Uranus here can be physical trauma and physical abuse in connection with her work connected (Mars) with her make counterpart. It also shows that she is elite and unique, a revolutionary and that she can represent liberation on the big stage.

Jupiter in the 8th House reveal the deep bonded-ness she can fall into as well as being manipulated or taken advantage of. It's connected with Venus energy as her relationships in a challenging aspect as well as with money and finances as well, which also connects to Neptune in her 2nd House of income. Neptune too here can reveal that she is involved with music and film as part of the way she makes money with these talents as well as being an iconic person, famous in the collective consciousness. Here also is transformation and the rising of the out of the ashes Phoenix energy through challenging aspects of life.

Another T-Square with Pluto and the Lunar Nodes in her example has her more focusing towards her South Node conjunct Saturn in the 9th House. Using her talents, expanding her mind, learning about being her own authority and maturing into being an individual (Aries) and to live from her own Truth.

Being a Sagittarius Sun in the 4th with her roots and inner-ness combined with Saturn in the 9th House (religion, philosophy, expanded knowledge and consciousness) as well as Jupiter in the 8th of psychology and diving deeper into ones inner self points Tina to having an interest and practice in relation to Buddhism. Sun conjunct Mercury can give her the interest of chanting that she came to enjoy.

Her chart has a lot of Fire energy, creativity, starting, initiating, doing, moving, having energy. This combined with a lot of power dynamics with Pluto squaring the Nodes, Jupiter in the 8th House gives her all the energy that we saw her have and use. In addition to this, the are is a lot of the number 10 in her chart with her planets degree placements as well as being born at the time of 10:10. The number 10 symbolizes power.

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