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Solar Power: Pluto and The Sun Move to Aquarius

Solar Power: Pluto and The Sun to Aquarius

On Jan 20th we’ll have The Sun conjunct Pluto with The Sun, and then the Sun and Pluto transit out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on the same day and into the 21st. Pluto will return back to Capricorn in Sept and then leaves for good and into Aquarius for about 20 years from late Nov 2024. Here are the energy themes.

Solar power is definitely a great connection here. Harnessing The Sun to generate energy to power a society. Definitely a positive use for this combined energy. Charge up!

This is also very personal with The Sun. The light shining in the dark brings forth our subconsciousness. What was unconscious becomes conscious. Pluto, the depths of subconscious and The Sun, consciousness. What was hidden comes to the surface and can be seen. Letting go of limiting beliefs, ways of being, and old structures, worn programing, what has been obsessive or addictive, things that can be holding us back that we really didn't recognize before or that we do know but tend not to deal with.

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Imagine,... I was told to go down into the basement and grab a hammer. My first immediate reaction was, “I'm not going into the basement! There's a snake down there and I'm afraid of snakes! I've always been afraid of snakes! I'm not going down there. I've always hated snakes.” 

I decided to do something different and I went down there. I used my conscious will to choose. The electricity is out for some reason, no light, it's dark, but I'm bringing not just a flashlight, a BIG flashlight, a FLOOD LIGHT. I'm going to shine so much light into this place. This light is giving me courage. 

So I go down to the basement, still scared as s*** but I realize,... it's just a feeling. And now I have this light with me. I walk down the steps, I turn and slowly open the door. Tip toeing in quietly. I can see that snake there in the place I saw it last, even in the dark I can see it! I turn on the giant light, and to my surprise,... it was just a garden hose! 

Phew! I'm relieved, and I'm happy now. I've got a good feeling. I grab the hammer and I run upstairs in joy. I hand the hammer over and with a huge smash, this story, this illusion, this imagination, and this old belief, as well as this old way that I had been thinking, collapse, and it's a freeing feeling.


The Sun and Pluto are moving forward together and the Sun moves on starting a new cycle from Pluto till Nov 23rd 2025. A transformation of your role in society or purpose and how you play your part in it. Maybe we put too much power into and identify with our feelings. We say “I am sad,” or “I am afraid” but you are not really those things, you are actually experiencing those emotions but not that you are those emotions. In this way there is the Aquarian detachment, The Observer. Being a witness to them. This goes also with anything that we identify ourselves with. We can identify with the things we do, feel and believe and choose how to respond.


I got a real nice big pumpkin. I got a nice big sharp knife and I cut the top off. In with my hands I remove all the guck and muck. With a spoon I further clean this thing out, gutting it. I remove the seeds with fine detail looking in all the nooks and crannies and then I bake them in the hot oven to eat, taking what would be useful and gaining nutrition from them. The pumpkin, I carve an identity with, I turn it into something, give it life, a character that amuses me perhaps, I can make it into anything, what will I choose? Out on the window sill it goes for all to see.


Sun/Pluto, the realization that I am more than my identity and how others see me, as well as my ego and my mental intelligence, I'm also my soul, my natural human body in this 3D world with instincts and desires, my heart, my gut yet also I'm bigger than just this body. There's humanness and there's technology as well that we are more and more connected with as part of us. Pluto here can amplify or burn off to an extent the ego, or boost up your will and purpose and identity (The Sun).


Imagine a football Quarterback who is normally on the playing field in the thick of it all, way up in the press box with the Offensive Coordinator who’s a person who has an objective view. “You've been running that Zebra play and that play doesn't work so let's get rid of it,” says The Coordinator. “But I love that play. I've been doing that play since high school!” blurts out The Quarterback.  “You like it, you run it like it’s second nature but it’s not been effective. No, let's get rid of it. Let's open space for new plays” answered The Coordinator.

In what ways have I been limiting myself? Is an aspect of my belief system holding you back? Is something that I have been doing for years not useful or fit me anymore?


Leo (The Sun), and Aquarius axis. There is a commonality here having to do with authenticity and shining your own individual talent and purpose. Leo can be “I don't care what other people think, I do my thing. I have the courage to be myself.”

Aquarius can be “I'm an unique individual within a group.” “Or am I just doing what everybody wants me to do? Am I just a part of the herd? I do what's safe? I don't let my individuality shine, I fit in?” Or it can be that I am unconventional and don’t fit into society or I’m a bit eccentric and weird, a Lone Wolf. Or is it Leo “I am more self oriented ego versus Aquarius I am part of the whole? Accepting your uniqueness, understanding your your part in the whole, brings the Star of the stage (Leo) into awareness of other actors on the stage that are just as important and all play an important part (Aquarius).


Your purpose plays an individual part within the whole. I can create my life with my will as a co-creator with the Universe. I can meet it half way. How is my individual purpose, my individual uniqueness and talent of best use to society?

I let go of limitations that have held back my uniqueness, shine or will. I can raise the bar for myself.

Here now is great change, transformation especially in the aspect with how I am seen, my reputation, my occupation, a change of direction, what needs to be let go of, what can’t come with me into Aquarius. This involves how I am in a community, with friends. Aquarius can bring in great insights, realizations and “ahaa” moments and encourage me to raise the bar. Here there is also a greater emphasis on science, technology and innovation (Uranus, a planet associated with Aquarius was the first planet discovered with a telescope, an innovative piece of technology at the time. The James Webb telescope has been discovering great sights in this age and will surely continue to make more and more new discoveries that could blow minds if it hasn’t for you already. 

Aquarius is about freedom, liberation. It’s “We the People.” It’s Great transformations of societies as a whole. It’s experimental, innovative. Also its revolution, rebellious, unpredictable and unconventional. As Uranus soon goes direct in motion in Taurus and especially with Pluto with its placement in Aquarius, all these themes will be amplified as the Age of Aquarius. 

What you resist, persists as the saying goes. Change is difficult and challenging, trust that it is for your highest good. Release old ways of thought, things that hold you back or are no longer useful for your growth. Shed your skin. Your uniqueness plays a part in the whole.

Have a good Journey!


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