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Solar Eclipse October 14,2023

Here are some of the energies of this Astrological event.

There are quite a lot of powerful energies for this Solar Eclipse. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are together along with the South Node and some key planetary aspects are in play. The general theme is of relationships, how we are in them and how can we improve them and how we are individually in them or when we are engaging one on one with another person as well as the relationship we have with ourselves.

Solar Eclipses are New Moons. The Moon passes in front of the Sun, they are together, a conjunction in Astrology. With the blocking of the Sun, our conscious selves, this symbolizes an emergence of our subconscious. The Moon takes a Sun bath and burns away what was brought up into consciousness leaving only a new refined essence. It's a new journey, the beginning of a new cycle for the Moon. For this eclipse, it's a great time to put into motion the things you want to do and are emotional and passionate about doing. Recognize your desires and put in those positive intentions to make things happen.

With Mars, Pluto and Scorpio involved as a whole it elevates the theme of starting, beginning, acting, re-birthing, new journeys with impulsive energies of power, control, explosive emotion or anger, war, obsession, desires and increased sexual energy, libido. What about sexual health, personal, partnered or in general? Are you in touch with that? Are you in touch with that with another? There can come great bursts of creativity in other aspects of our lives with harnessing and transmuting these energies too! There can be big decisions to think about that will change your life or they can just happen.

Mars, Pluto and Scorpio want us to dig deep and reveal a gem that will help us evolve even if it’s a struggle, painful, unbearable, there’s a bigger picture, an evolution for you of growth. Mars is the active agent of the unconscious desires of Pluto.

Are our actions and desires in alignment with our values? Are we acting with consideration of others? Our actions have an effect on others. Libra energy considers others. Our human earthly desires are usually ego based, aren’t they? Maybe there are habits or things we do that have been unconscious but now there are things that are happening that bring those things to the forefront and are these ways needed or necessary for our personal growth or for the better of the relationships we’re in? How can I balance my desires with my partners so that there's more of an equal balance or win win situations.

Still with Pluto in relation to Mars here there’s an element of taking a moment to re-evaluate our actions, what we do, the values we have, what we’ve learned, grew up with, been brought up on, other peoples Truths, our conditioning from family, friends, authority figures, religions, how we're sexual, and see what is working for you or not. We are all unique individuals, what's right for one person sometimes doe's not work with another on so many levels. We have the power to decide what is best for ourselves and this is a mature way of handling things, also an energy that's involved. Here is the burning away, that sizzle, that steam release, the refining, the distilling for essence in a way, that the Sun is also helping with.

With Venus (read my previous post on Venus in Virgo) and Saturn, how can we improve ourselves for relationships with others? Are there boundaries and structures that can be implemented? Communicating is a key element in this event.

With Mercury and Chiron (The "Wounded Healer" asteroid) there can be an energy of wounding or coming from a place of being a victim. Communications in such themes, I’m the wounded one and this is what I’m saying and how I’m acting towards you or vice versa. Libra is a compassionate energy, can we put ourselves in another shoes, understand, listen, be there for another in such matters.

With the South Node, this energy presently has to do with our past, past relationships, karma with past relationships. A past relationship can be involved in some way or even mentally. The South Node in Libra can bring up an emphasis on the safe, the known, the familiar, what you always do, the keeping the peace. The lower vibrations of Libra are also more prominent with the South Node here of codependency, being unbalanced, extreme to one side or another of an energy, not bringing yourself into consideration, people pleasing, being too nice, losing your self to another. The Aries North Node is helping to balance these tendencies if present.

Eclipses and especially strong Solar eclipses can possible be big shifts (I misspelled “shifts” as “sh*ts”, can be that too ha!) in life. They are kind of a kink in a rhythm sometimes. Usually they are bringing something within you to the conscious surface.

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