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Scorpio Energy

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Ooooh the deep and the dark which within us are usually kept in the dark, held at bay or ignored. This is the mysterious, the underworld, death. It’s the inner psychological world.

It’s interesting that Scorpio season happens around Halloween and the Day of the Dead, this is witchy and occult energy on the full spectrum of that sort of thing from bad to good. It’s the Scorpio parts of us that we keep secret or behind closed doors; sex, taboo, death and even money. It's about control and power and things that are out of our control. The things we don’t want to talk about, Scorpios do. Scorpio is other people’s money and things, and how it's used and shared between people. It's a deep bond with another, a combination of energy with another person. It is about the process of transformation in its many ways. In Astrology this is all encapsulated in the 8th House. There is a lot to delve in with the archetype of Scorpio, let’s investigate like a Scorpio, open the mysterious hidden closet door and take a deeper look!


In astrology this sign comes after the Libra of relationships and “other.” Now with Scorpio it's “other” still but more of a more intimate, bonding,

deeper connection with another person. This is a merging, enmeshing and sharing energy. This is sex and that private intimacy and the bodily fluid exchange that merges people together. This can be the energy of karmic bonds, cosmic connected Soul Mates and Twin Flames. So these are powerful relationships on another level. These are the relationships that feel destined and fated, the connections are deep. Karmic relationships are the ones that keep happening again and again over lifetimes. You’re meant to learn something through these people that are integral to evolutionary souls paths. These relationships are super powerful and they serve their purpose to shift and transform people and they can be amazing and difficult at the same time. They are life changing connections. Scorpio energy here can also be attached, obsessive and one partner can lose themselves into another and there can be power struggles where one is controlling or taking advantage of another. Boundaries can be a lesson for Scorpio to learn.

Scorpios want to know more about YOU and the depths of you but are more protective of themselves and they can be very selective on who is allowed to have access to their innermost selves. They are not used to being vulnerable and that can be a big lesson in life in regards to relationships, it’s a self protecting safety mechanism. Keeping secrets and keeping their true selves closed and protected isn't usually a good thing when it comes to relationships. This energy can likely back themselves into a cave like a scorpion when they don’t feel supported and safe with people. Or just for their sake in what feels best to them, they might want their alone time and withdraw sometimes. Time spent by themselves is important to a Scorpio. Scorpio energy in a relationship can also be manifested in these two opposite ways - what can we achieve together combined and united to create something new, a co-creation, a cooperation or it can be manipulative, taken advantage of, used, controlled and exploited.


This is behind closed doors kind of stuff, the private things no one wants to do or talk openly about. They have the capacity to go deep. Small talk and superficiality isn’t their deal. People with a lot of Scorpio can make good therapists. So this is psychology and therapy and these are things that are done one on one with another in private and there’s depth and connection. Also here then, is deep healing. When you’re in therapy, or you’re talking with your partner, or your closest friends you talk about things that are more private and personal that you don’t tell everyone about, just the people closest to you, that’s Scorpio energy. Scorpios are ok with talking about the dark and shadow stuff of people's lives and they can be people who provide the space for others to talk with them about these sorts of themes with care and compassion. They also have the great capacity for self-reflection and digging into their most inner selves and shed light on darker things to grow from. This is part of what’s called shadow work.

What is the “dark,” “darkness?” The first thing that comes to mind for most people might be “evil” or “bad.” While yes it can be those sorts of things but it is also aspects within us that we keep

hidden from others or are unconscious to us with things that have to do with shame, parts of us we don’t want others to know about, “bad” things we think about ourselves or bad things we’ve done or feel guilty about in our lives that we’ve kept tucked away. These are “shadow” things, the “dark.” When we choose to do our inner work we’re using Scorpio energy. It sheds light on these things, digs deep and tries to understand those parts of themselves therefore transforming dark into light.


Alchemical transformation, what that means is that it’s a process from one thing to another, that cocoon caterpillar change to a butterfly. It’s metamorphoses. It can dig underneath to be aware of and look at its shadow side and work with and accept and transform these energies through a self alchemical process. Shadow or not this energy goes deep within itself, looks inside and investigates their depths.

The 3 evolutionary stages of Scorpio energy

The Scorpion - It dwells more in the dark, backs into its little cave, needs its alone time, has its protective casing and protects itself. It can react from its emotions and be vengeful, spiteful and use power to harm and manipulate. It wants to feel safe and wants to be in control to keep that safety and protect its ego.

The Eagle - Observing things objectively instead of in the thick of things, it pulls out of the drama, sees things from a broader perspective. A powerful majestic energy. This energy has tenacity and focus. In fact to me the Eagle holds a great amount of Scorpio symbolism. It starts with the lower energies at the claws, its talons. These are powerful, the grip and hold on, they are sharp and they tear and rip, they kill, they induce blood and death. Its eyes rises above to see a wider view and yet it has pinpoint accuracy towards its target. This is the “shedding light on” our own inner issues. Its winged energy is majestic, an amazing sight to see and induces an energy within us when we see one, they are powerful and big.

The Phoenix - Purification and transformation through fire. The Phoenix rises out of the darkness, it transforms out through something dark, challenging or difficult, breaking through brighter, better, strong

er. It’s also a reminder that Scorpio can be self-destructive as well. It’s the energy of overcoming something of using what held you back or kept you hurting and rising above it with new strength. This is an empowering symbol. Transformed to something new. Death, rebirth and resurrection themes. Transcendence. It can also be symbolized by the snake and its transformative powers of shedding its skin and letting go. Again, the process of transformation requires letting go. Similarly this is associated with the number 13 as well as the butterfly as mentioned above and its process of metamorphoses and the symbolism of letting go, change and transformation.

Pluto and Mars

Scorpio is associated with the planets Pluto and Mars as well as being a water sign. They feel and sense immensely, very emotional and their intuition is very strong. These planets are intense and hefty, there are themes of conflict, death and endings/beginnings and things that are out of our control. Scorpio is hypnotizing, this is a deep look into your eyes. This energy is magnetic, charismatic, attractive, sexy and sexual. This can be a vampire like seduction, a hypnotic and reeling attraction and energy about them that can pull you in. This is an energy that is very passionate with a great amount of tenacity for the things they do and want.

This can be the “Black Hole” of energy, an energy suck. Is someone or something like a habit or addiction sucking the time and energy out of you?

Scorpio life can be stressful and chaotic, hard and have many paths through crisis.


Difficult Scorpio energies. All of these Scorpio themed energies can be experienced as aspects of oneself OR from the experience from other people towards them:

Difficulty with being vulnerable.


Experiencing abandonment, loss, betrayal





Overly obsessive, hard to let go of, possessive, attachment

Power struggles.


Balancing with Taurus: Empowerment

Power is a topic with Scorpio and power struggles. The path of Scorpio can be to become conscious of when and where they are being controlled by other people or outer things or giving too much energy towards something/someone. It’s about taking your power back. SO it balances from it’s opposite sign Taurus to be more independent while in relationship, being grounded with who they are as not to enmesh so intensely with others or to lose themself in another or be taken advantage of and realizing their own self worth, value and self respect. It’s self love and compassion for oneself while also being in relationship. It balances more of one's own energy rather than all in with another. Learning about boundaries is a lesson here.

These are all powerful and intense and emotional energies but all of these themes can be positive when used and seen with the Eagle’s eye to transform them into useful things for us. May you fly high majestically like the great Eagle, accept, love and rise above.

Shine So bright from your heart.



Touchy subject for you? Sometimes we cant handle things on our own, seeking therapy can be very helpful. While I am not a therapist, I am a safe and compassionate person to talk to about these sorts of things and astrology is your own astrology that can shine lights on topics like this for the better. Don't hesitate to contact me at

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