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Rock & Roll and Aquarius

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Rock & Roll! Out of the 50’s this music genre pioneered by artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry and Little Richard, just to name a few, was birthed out of what we could say was a repressed, straight laced, American culture.

R&R has Aquarius written all over it. It liberated an entire generation. It’s rebellious. It expressed and encouraged freedom, a break from Saturnian suppressing authorities and parental figures and also those energies within that generation themselves (it further expressed itself into Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Punk Rock). It gives back, it says, “here’s this Aquarian energy, we all have this vibrant unique energy within us, we’re going to show it to you and make it conscious.”

It’s literally electric. Guitars use electricity and the energy itself with pounding energetic piano is electrifying. It makes you want to get up and shake and move without a care and to express yourself in a free and happy way. Bands are groups, friends that combine as a group to play music, that is also Aquarian. It spurs group involvement, brings like minded people together at homes, dance halls and concerts and there are communities with fan clubs. Also some people's individuality, uniqueness, and sometimes eccentric styles, became Pop Stars. Here the social dynamic of a unique individual is broadcast in a new and broad global way reconnecting to people's own psyches representing energies they want, lack, suppress and aren't allowed to express or are similar to and can relate with (just like any relationship really). Pop Stars bring caricatures of an individual and evoke fantasy.

Rock and Roll. That ecstatic primal important drumbeat! The hip movements! The singer’s shouts and screams! The emotion, ecstasy and alive excitement! Root Chakra goodness. The name it’s self is derived from sex, at that time a very rebellious topic to be out in a public way. Thank goodness for an outlet of sexual energy thorough Rock and Roll. We’re talking about the most basic human naturalness there is. Anything that liberates that from the shadows or taken from a negative view point to a positive one I’m all for. That Root Chakra doesn’t exist alone, there is more to the picture and to our selves. We accept it in our hearts and through our vocal expression our minds and finally full understanding and wisdom when realizing an energies balance and harmony. There is too much seriousness, shame, guilt, religious guilt, repressed energies turned outwardly negative and abusive when the aspects of our sexuality aren’t looked at or given the chance to be accepted and expressed. Rock and Roll celebrates the naturalness of our human selves as we are all sexual beings, each of us an energy of uniqueness, we can self-express as individual unique people and raise and cycle that energy positively.

Hail Hail Rock ‘N’ Roll!

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