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Partial Lunar Eclipse Oct 28, 2023 in Tuarus

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus

Oct. 28, 2023

At the time of this partial Lunar Eclipse we have the Sun, Mercury and Mars together in opposition to the Moon and Jupiter together. The emphasis is in Taurus where the Moon and Jupiter are. This happens at 5 degrees Taurus. On your chart look to see where that is and what House it is in for you.

This is the Natural chart below.


Themes in regards to self-worth and self-respect can be amplified and there can be challenging instances that put emphasis there and it can be very emotional. Although Full Moons and Eclipses can sometimes be experienced with sudden changes and wild cards. These changes and wild cards are meant to be more beneficial for us for the long term. This is a great time to be talking with someone about your issues, seeing a therapist, talking with an Astrologer!

Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio Opposite the Moon and Jupiter show us that things that seem beyond our control and or what people can say, others opinions, can have an affect on us but with self reliance we can stand strong in knowing who we are and trusting in that. Or is our stubbornness not allowing for us to bend in the wind maybe cracking the tree trunk, our security?

Taurus opposite Scorpio is my power vs other people’s power, my stuff/our stuff, self-reliant vs depending on others, my money and finances vs our shared money and finances. How can I be in control of myself with my own will in times when things feel beyond my control. How do I choose to act in such a time, or am I being taken over by another, a circumstance, an emotion, a desire? How am I being emotionally triggered and is my or someone else's reaction impulsive or can we not react, take a breath and respond. This is an energy of “I need you” being examined. Intimate conversation is highlighted in our relationships. How can we expand in this sort of conversation to strengthen our relationships? Is my energy being sucked up by something, someone. Are my obsessions taking energy away from me? This can be an empowering time. Also how is my inner conversation? Can I transform my inner talk to be more positive?

Venus is opposing Neptune in relation to the Eclipse, Venus plays an important role in this chart. How can I step out of my ego, let go some, and tap into spiritual unconditional, compassionate love within my relationships? In what practical ways can I improve myself therefore improving my relationships. Maybe I need to listen more, show acceptance. Am I disillusioned by a relationship in some way? Do I need to take off the rose colored glasses and click into the reality of it. I’m a victim or are my lack of boundaries in a relationship making me feel like a victim? Are addictions, alcohol, escapism tendencies taking me further away from my relationships or am I experiencing that in another or my partner and want to fix that? Can I bring into reality an imagined creative idea that can result in something I enjoy and that can be a use of income for me? How can I be of service from a healthy standpoint of being healthy and taking care of myself first? A good diet, exercise and self care builds a strong and sustaining body to put to good use. How is my self care? I need to take a moment to rest. I need my down time too in order to help others. I can actually have an “ah-ha” revelation about a relationship situation in a beneficial way. These are the current energies.

Pluto’s position is saying that there are still parts of us that find security in others but also remember that our individuality and autonomy has its own vital power and there could be a turning point in the realization of this or more positive reinforcement for this to be taking place. Rules and boundaries help in these matters to create a good structure for relationships to thrive in. Some long term things, people, relationships, old ways of thought, habits, contracts, in our lives in regards to these energies can be removed in some way that aren’t supporting us in positive ways enough to raise the bar to move forward.

Have a good Journey!

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