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New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 12,2023

Here are the energies as a new 4 week journey begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius loves the journey! It is wanting to go further, longer, and experience the expansion of something, more, more. Sagittarius has to do with Truth, Natural Law, Nature, hope, intuition, joy, higher learning, travel, religion, philosophy and expansion not only outward but inward as well. 

Here I move forward with the power and will of the Sun and Mars offering support in backing me up on my path moving in a direction that is forward for me, that is meant for me. It’s like the Moon is in its docking station recharging and energizing for the new journey. 

Or let me imagine... the Moon entering the “Sweat Lodge of the Sun”. It’s HOT in here! And up at the top of the canvas at night, it’s darker outside because the Moon is here inside and all the stars, planets and cosmos are out there. Here though in this lodge and “WITHIN’, are also all the planets as like native tribes people. They each embody and play the part of the archetypes of the planets and are dressed as such. 

Father Sun is there (ooh it’s so hot in here). Mercury The Messenger is The Smoke Signaler, The Communicator. Beautiful “Fair” Maiden Venus is here with her partner Sitting Bull. Mars is here as The Warrior. Jupiter Is here as the jolly fat big foot giant. Saturn is here as The Crone wise elder woman and the authority of The Chief is with her too sitting together.  “What a wonderful Sacred Space!” I exclaim. Chief Saturn leans in to tell me that everywhere is Sacred Space and so... as too...are you. Uranus, The Trixter is here. Chiron is The Medicine Man. Neptune, the imaginative storyteller is here with a flute in hand. And Pluto is here as well, The Shaman. Here within, they have conversations with each other, I have a conversation with them all, and most of all, ...I listen. These ancestors and elders are not only Native but they are native to me, part of my being. The Sagittarius “Vision Quest” is outer as well as inner. In the darkness of the morning the, out scoots the NEW Moon with grand wisdom and a packed backpack. And what is wisdom if it’s not put to use?

Let's explore new territory! 

Even though I don't know what is to come, I take the first steps in going on my path. I will figure things out as I go, I don't need to know everything at this moment, all I need to do is put one foot in front of the other with my eyes and mind on a goal, a target. As from the Knights of the Round Table ventured out on their own individual journeys, each of them entered the forest at their own uncharted starting point. Or as Rumi wrote, "As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." What I'm moving towards is part of and supports my life's purpose.

With Mercury Retrograde though in play from the Dec 13th to Jan 1st, it’s best to go back over my plans, fix details, be patient, and exercise what Sagitarius does well and shift, pivot and adapt when necessary. My travel plans may require patience. Happening in the sign of Capricorn, I might have to retrace my steps and reassess. This is a good time to be able to shift and switch my quest in real time from the outer journey to the inner journey, being as a Mystic and seeing the outer world and happenings as inner ones or making Divine all happenings, positive ones for your highest good. Like the great Stoics I am capable of pausing, feeling and then responding instead of impulsively reacting. I can be the calm in a difficult time and apply a positive mindset and act accordingly.  

All circumstances are neutral until experienced and absorbed into the mind and through the mental filter. The one thing I do have control over is my mind and how I can choose to accept and flow or resist. To choose a positive mindset or remain in a negative one. Everything begins with thought and imagination, an idea, and now, I start to bring it into form through action. I break from the norms of society and what has been a normal of a structure that has always been and go upon my own unique path with maturity. I break from any illusion that society has conditioned me through and decide to press on. I realize my own personal Truths.

What parts of myself do I need to exercise compassion towards myself in order to move forward? There can be a moment of surrender and trust with something or something I don't have control over or understand, or are confused, or frightened about.

Communicating my plans with like minded, supportive people helps bring my ideas to manifestation. I bring discipline to my mental activity and plot and communicate a structured plan. I think things through and I understand things take time.

What's holding me back from expanding in my life? Push through.

My relationships can be occupying more time. Intimacy deepens. Truths are revealed. We become aware of our ruts and usuals. There's support for long term commitments. My partner is giving off a positive optimistic vibe. I'm in crisis yet my partner is maintaining positivity for us or vice versa. I'm experiencing another being excessive, or not being able to be moderate.

An awareness of possessiveness. A loosening of control. A freedom from the chaos, let's relax. Let’s enjoy pleasure, music, the senses. Let's explore physical and sensual pleasures. Perhaps there's more of a physical sexual endurance. Let's enjoy Nature together. Let's be interested in traveling to distant lands and start making plans or let's watch things that have to do with travel and foreign lands, people, ideas. Support for long term investments.

An abundance of money can be spent or received or I experience this in my partner or another. My partner or I are spending money on sensual things. Issues, confrontations with my money vs your or our money and possessions, how can we compromise? Am I or my partner being excessive in some way? Is an "I'm right, your wrong" stance causing a confrontation? Am I too closed in accepting how another lives thier life?

Here of course is also the Winter Solstice involving balance as well as the holiday season in Sagittarius having to do with religion, spirituality, philosophy and long distance travel.  

May it be a wonderful prosperous Journey and happy holidays to all!

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