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Mick Jagger - Angry

In Astrology the Planet Mars represents drive, assertiveness, impulse, desire, sexuality and anger among other things.

“Angry” the new song by The Rolling Stones was largely written by Mick Jagger. Mick’s Astrological birth chart is fascinating. His Leo expression is huge and spot on, being on the stage, in the spotlight, having an audience, etc and his Pluto and Sun placement offer him powerful energy and charisma. Sexuality is another big theme especially with Mars but here I want to specifically talk about his Mars placement in regards to the emotion Anger because it connects with his angle in the song.

Mick was born with Mars in Taurus in the 12th House. Here most of all the positive and higher vibrations of his Mars expression comes through with music, physical and sexual expression as we know it. Musicians are specifically connected with Taurus. Venus the ruler of his 12th House is also connected with the arts. Taurus with the physical body as well as the physicality of sex. Mick has a drive and desire, Mars, for these expressions. In a positive outward way, he expresses these things.

The 12th House is the Collective Unconscious, has no boundaries, "All is One," it's Spiritual, it's imagination, relaxed, empathic. It's isolation, private, let's go, endings. Planets in the 12th House, like his Mars, are energies that can be largely unconscious or kept at bay though. They can be experienced mostly outside of oneself in others or be acted upon unconsciously or in an unhealthy way.

Mars in the 12th can be peaceful, avoiding conflict, non aggressive and less assertive. With the emotion Anger in particular, perhaps Mick wouldn’t process or express anger very well himself, so in this way he represses it and experiences anger subconsciously at him from another when he’s not expressing it. Therefore, anger for him is a negative trigger, a harsh, uncomfortable reaction or he feels hurt when experiencing from another person in away that is more so than other people without this Mars placement. These triggers, when looked into deeply by all of us even, are arrow points of awareness to that which we are unconscious of or don’t give expression to. Instead, we experience it as outside ourselves towards us. What I fail to recognize or express in myself, I see in or experience from, you. Projection.

Avoiding conflict, bottling up anger and not expressing it in the moment and sometimes delaying his reaction for another time, like when he is by himself or in private, can be his way of expressing anger. Or the anger can be redirected to another person rather than where the anger originated from.

Energies of the 12th House can go wayyyyy low vibration or wayyyyy high vibration.

With Mars here, the drive can be from hedonistic drug and sexual escapism to a drive for unbounded imagination for creative songwriting and even high spiritual aspirations. It can also be “I need privacy and my alone time to recharge.”

So here is a little information on the drive (Mars) behind his song Anger that he may subconsciously birthed out from his 12th House. The Rolling Stones new album "Hackney Diamonds" comes out today!

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