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Mars in Pisces

This is generally for Mars in Pisces or in the 12th House but the planet has just moved into Pisces on March 22nd 2024 (the time of which I'm writing this) and will be there through April 30th 2024.

As with any planet we have higher and lower energies that can be accessed and experienced as well as the lower energies. If you have challenging aspects being made to this Mars they could be more on the low end vibe, supportive aspects then more positive. These are “masculine” energies in the watery, spiritual, non-bound, creative and artistic world of Pisces. Water puts out fire. You can't run underwater. A wet blanket on the fire can put the fire out. The drive to start, do, to take action and get things done is lessened or put out. Mars is more subdued, slowed down here, sedated, relaxed, friendly, goes with the flow. Yet fire can be used to power a ship forward. Mars, our “will” can be tapped into as a choice to willfully choose positive expressions of Mars.

The drive of to be closer to and experience God

This is the Mystic archetype being in and of this living world as Spiritual Warrior, a Bodhisattva, with desires to connect with God, source, nature. Further, realizing the Oneness with all things, non-duality. The desire for alone time, to go inward to connect with what’s bigger than myself. Meditation, egolessness. Passive, peaceful. More behind the scenes, humble. Acts with compassion and unconditional love. This empathic Mars uses its energy for others with a desire to be of service to others. This energy can protect those in need or are in addictions or are victims. It also has the capacity to protect its own energy while doing so.

A drive to create

This Mars taps into the depths of Ether to imagine and create art and music among many other things imaginable. Here is a drive to be creative. Goes to be alone in the studio to create.

This Mars is steam energy like that mentioned above to power a ship YOUR ship, your own vessel. This is like an military submarine. Attacks and protects from the depths of the sea.

A drive to escape

Escaping to the ocean, to be in and near water. To take a break. It needs rest to refuel its full Mars capacity. Also the drive to escape can be fully on in ways that are unbounded and in the realm of unhealthiness instead of just going to the movies or picking up the guitar. Isolating can be an issue.

The excitement and drive to take things further can be used with drug use, addictions, alcohol or any sort of escapism habit and compulsion that can bring one further into the deep depths of extreme use and sometimes death. Responsibilities fall off. Everyday sludge and tasks are seemingly intolerable. This energy of escapism and self-undoing is tied with the desire to return to Source and that feeling. 

No limits

Pisces is a realm of no boundaries, no limits. Limitless desires. Mars here can take advantage of that impulsiveness for better or worse. It can go up into the creative energy and further into the spiritual realm unbounded or it can go low into the depths of full escape of addictions of all sorts unlimitedly.


Mars in Pisces can be an idealistic desire. I see what I want to see and isn’t it lovely. Mars puts on the rose colored glasses. As a woman you may be idealizing a man in your life. “A Knight in shining armor.” you put him on a high horse, pedestal or perhaps as a rescuer, a savior if you’re in a victim mentality. Or Mars takes its warrior sword at its side and CUTS THROUGH illusion. Holy sh*t, that’s not as true as I believed, I’m disillusioned by someone or something or an idea that’s kept me held in a certain capacity. You can be feeling duped or let down. I use my will to cut through the veil to see the reality as it really is beyond the filters I looked through that I held so dear and trusted. I use that sword consciously to become awake from illusions. I wake up. I wake from the dream.


In addition with lessening the ego towards spiritual involvement or being of service in a way that does not desire something in return like selfless acts, Mars here can desire to be whatever everybody else wants them to be. I don’t have a grasp as to who I am, I’m more concerned about others and how they see me, I want to be accepted. I can fit in. Passive, being as what the consensus, the group, the community, friends or family want you to be, passive to one's own self-ness who I am, my unique contribution.

Sexual energy

Because it’s Mars there’s the topic of sexual energy. Did somebody say steamy?! whoooo!

Sexual energy can be lessened here in Pisces or go the other way into extremes.

This is energy can be expressed and experienced as spiritual sexuality. Sacred sexuality. To align sexuality and sexual involvement that suits me personally as “Right Action or Conduct” as Buddhist would say. That it can be a symbiotic merging of two as one in a moment of mutual pleasure. That I connect intimately with another that raises us to another level. Of course also Mars is more self oriented. Sexuality and sexual energy can be singular and used singularly and for ones self. How about using sexual energy as an energy source to tap into for creative use. How about willingly protecting this energy and its use?

Even the Sacred Prostitute archetype of giving oneself up to be as a service in society for access to the Divine to connect with God through the act of physical sex is of example here. Of course we don’t need a prostitute to achieve that but the archetype is linked to this to be noted.

The orgasm itself is also known as the “Tiny Death.” The instant of the moment of orgasm when nothing exists, ego falls away, a merging with another in the throws of ecstasy experiencing Nirvana and bliss. This in itself as orgasm can be addictive. With Mars, more, more, it’s exciting, there's impulsiveness. With Pisces it’s unbounded, now limitless. Sex and sexual behavior as an escape impulsively.

This is also sexual fantasy, role playing, daydreams and dreams at sleep. Having an idealistic view of achieving and engaging with one who sees as the perfect sexual partner, act or scenario. Mars can impulsively chase all that. Movies, social media and pornography emphasizes all of this in the realm of Pisces imagination even.

In the realm of Pisces with Mars there can be a no limits attitude towards sex, unbounded. That can be played out positively surely, but also negatively. It can be sexual behavior, and sometimes aggressive sexual behavior, that crosses personal boundaries of others. Or the flip side is that one is too passive, has no boundaries or fails to uphold or understand boundaries, as to be taken advantage of or become a victim of sexual activity or abuse. 

The Will

With Mars we have “will.” We have many ways of experiencing Mars energy unconsciously (things happen to us) or consciously (I choose to use Mars energy that is for my highest self or I integrate what I experience and learn from what happens “outside” of myself.

Am I experiencing these energies from a person that's a man in my life. Or, am I embodying these energies in my own life presently? Look to see what area of life you can be experiencing these energies bay locating the House Mars is transiting through in your birth chart.


Currently with Chiron, the North Node of fate as well as Mercury in Aries there can be a great deal of healing in some of the energies mentioned above with Mars in Pisces supporting that.

If you’d like a session with me in regards to these themes or for a birth chart reading or current transit discussion, please reach out or recommend me to someone who would benefit from the experience.

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