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Mars Conjunct Venus - Relationship Intimacy

Thursday, Feb 22nd 2024 Cat Belly

While this is a current energy, and the Venus/Mars conjunction happens fairly often, the information below is always valid.

Mars, Venus, and the Sun along with Mercury as well, passed over Pluto just days ago starting new Astrological cycles with Pluto so let’s talk about intimacy and vulnerability.

At this time and what happens every so often, Mars conjuncts Venus. These are the Masculine and Feminine planets that conjunct together. Along with Mercury, they are “personal planets.”

We all have a Mars and a Venus (and every other planet and Luminary) in our Astrology birth charts, as so and as well, these energies are outside and within us. As Above So Below. For men, the Venus feminine energies, can be and, are usually unconsciously projected as woman and for woman their Mars masculine energies projected as men in their lives. We each can embody both energies in many different ways.

Pluto just recently embraced both of these planets as each joined Pluto, the planet of rebirth, depth and transformation. There is a new cycle occurring that can ask us to remove parts of ourselves (or they will be removed by forces beyond our control) that hinder making us better partners or that these masc/fem energies can be used in new ways, if we want to. Here I want to talk about intimacy and vulnerability as it deals with relationship energies and the deep depths of Pluto. But also remember even deeper still, . . . how is my relationship to my self, my masculine energies and my feminine? Let’s use cat’s as an example.

Some cats love the belly rub, some…watch out.. SWIPE! do not.

And while I speak of cats here, it can also be applied to dogs, dog’s love belly rubs too. They NEED them, the NEED love and affection . . . so Leo. But lets talk about THE Leo, The Cat. Although house cats are way more of an Aquarian energy overall I feel.

The belly is a cat’s most vulnerable spot. All its vital organs are exposed there, it’s usually protected. The cat after all is the hunter of prey, it does not like to be vulnerable, it’s the aggressor, it's very "animal" with it's instincts and hunting nature.


If a cat reveals it’s belly to you, you are lucky, it trusts you, it allows you access to its furry underside. It let's you in. How can we resist!? We show love and affection. Purrrr.

The opportunity to be vulnerable is on their terms. Pushing for it may lead to bad results.


If it was only so easy as to show one’s belly. With relationships this is intimacy, beyond physical connection as with sex, there’s an emotional one and a deeper one. Being vulnerable and “exposing our bellies” can be very difficult for many of us both men and woman depending on a lot of things but mostly so with men. Remember when I said the cat is the aggressor, the hunter? Those are masculine energies or traits. Being vulnerable is a no no to most males. And in society as a whole, we are molded and brought up to believe that. This is about a deeper connection with someone. Although we can think of this as a weakness (from a males perspective that can be true) showing one’s feelings, it’s much more than that, it’s having the courage (another lion cat reference) be real and authentic. A positive masculine trait is courage. Remember masculine “traits” are within all of us male or female. The act of intimacy is more of a feminine energy. For most men to access that may be more difficult.


This is about trusting another. Hear I am, I’m revealing myself, all of me. There needs to be a sense of safety, feeling safe to reveal and share. What is said in intimate conversations are usually personal, revealing and private. We're not supposed to be talking to other friends, family about another’s personal stuff that they share in confidence. Also while being intimate in this way it builds connection, it builds trust, it builds on the relationship so a connection can grow. OR NOT.  When you share your true authentic self with someone and they don’t approve or leave or run for you, ultimately they are not for you at this time in your life and that’s ok. It can all be a part of the process to find the people you are meant to be with.

Although always, with the Astrology of today especially with the Sun in Pisces, compassion is so important here. It's usually in these moments that we hear and see sides of our partner’s that we hadn’t before. There’s an opening up. Realize that with courage, you are doing your part and how a partner or another reacts or accepts is beyond one's control. There is risk there. Will I be left or accepted? Seen as a fool or loved for who I am? Let’s remember that our worth is not dependent on how others accept us or not. I encourage you to be empowered in this way. With compassion for another there’s love and acceptance. If we were rubbing the Buddha's belly we’d be lucky. 


Speaking of “getting lucky” and “heavy petting”! This is about letting another touch you. This can be sexually too. When we feel safe there’s more of a trust in someone sexually physically and that is intimate too. Think about it, we are brought up to believe our sexual parts of our bodies are our “private parts.” Those we let have access to, become intimate with us. We’re revealing our private parts, what’s not public, what’s covered up and hidden. Sex can be like on the surface intimacy or it can be a deeper one.

When I think of this and what I’m writing, I think about animal and human. Our desires, our privacy, some sexual, our impulsive aspects of ourselves or our sexuality or sexual activity, and our humanness. One and the other. We are living human lives. Sometimes I feel people separate sex and our “animal” natures and desires as bad, while the human side is supposed to be good, half animal half man (or human). We’re all here because of desire and sex. It’s not good or bad, it’s ….. human nature.


Can we give that same deep attention (we may or should provide) to our partners or another to our own selves, without a partner involved? This is our own inner stuff. THAT takes courage huh? Can we give ourselves the same attention, acceptance and love?

Opening up, sharing feelings, being vulnerable is a feminine energy and trait so for most men this may be more difficult and not as natural. Usually for both parties, it can be an uncomfortable feeling. Guards can immediately go up. Doesn’t matter who you are. It is essential for relationships to grow. People of both sexes with more Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, to a lesser extent Virgo and Sagittarius energies may have more of a challenging time engaging with intimacy. Please remember that you can be any sign of the Zodiac but have more energies of other signs and planets, you have to look at the chart as a whole. I’m talking about the energies we all have, some have more, some have less.

Have a good Journey!


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