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I got some sweet magnets! These come from a company called the Rainbow Resource Center, how perfect is that. These are much bigger than I thought they'd be but I like 'em! I have theme here on my fridge and I like that I can move them around to reflect how they are presently in the sky. I feel like my own school teacher ha! Always learning over here. Aaaaand teaching to you or at least being helpful in some way I hope. This is just fun for me.

So in the video I talk about were the planets are, this isn't an astrological report here, I'm just showing off my new cool magnets! For people new to Astrology, very basic, the planets, as seen from Earth, are "in" different constellations in the sky. I've got my magnets in a formation that they are today or when this video was made, depending on when you're seeing this.

In our birth charts, the planets are in a certain location too. In Astrology we divide the 360 degree sky into 12 "Houses" each symbolizing specific life themes. So when planets are in certain Houses there are specific archetypal themes that the planets represent that are activated in those life themed places. For a broad example: Uranus in the 7th House. We have the planet Uranus which symbolizes rebellion, independence, uniqueness and sudden, unexpected things in the House of Relationships. Put those theme's together and you can be experiencing major unexpected issues in your relationships, be more independent or weird eccentric people can come into your life or YOU can be these for someone. That's just the basics.

Then we have where the planets are now, like on my fridge here, compared to your own birth chart and then there are certain energies that are specific to you to be working with and experiencing. Make some sense? As Astrologers we see study the relationships and aspects of all this and explain them to you. I know that some of you know this stuff but I do want to include everyone if they don't know and explain so that it's easily accessible and therefore hopefully useful.

Currently the Mars/Venus conjunction (when planets are viewed as being together in the sky) as well as the Mercury Pluto conjunction all happening in Capricorn is kind of a big deal. Conjunction energies are combining energies.. Both energies work meet, work together and the energy of each is MAGnified. So these energies are experienced as a collective human as well as being specific to you in your particular birth chart as well.

These are themes (again very basically, there's more to it) dealing with balancing the Divine Masculine/Feminine energies within each of us and has to do with special or certain men and women in our lives uniting, being together, interacting pertaining to our own Houses. Mercury/Pluto conjunction is basically dealing with major transformation with how we communicate and think. Both of these conjunctions are (at the time of this post) in Capricorn so they can be particularly be having to do with business, your career, social persona, recognition and authorities. What makes these more individual for you is which House these are in in your own birth chart, that's what makes it specific and more individualized to you.

BTW Chiron is not a planet but an asteroid and represents our wounds and what we meant to heal.

The moon, yes, I should have placed it alot closer to the Sun, what's it doing out there! Done.

Also if we're talking about magnetizing, we're touching on a Scorpio theme. People with high Scorpio energy can be magnetic, alluring and hypnotic. I like to pull in the Astrological themes and archetypes to show how they are expressed and experienced in our daily lives. That's what part of this blog is all about!

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