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Libra Energy

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Libra! This energy and archetype has to do with balance, harmony, fairness, justice, being able to understand both sides of things, being supportive, cooperating, peaceful and a calmer disposition. It's about relationships, companionship and partnerships, one on one relations, the "Other," the 7th House on the wheel of the Zodiac. The planet Venus is associated with Libra; love, beauty, visual beauty and the arts, being receptive, pleasure. An Air sign of communication and thinking. A Cardinal sign that initiates relationships, the continuation of them, and peace and fairness. Let's take a closer look!

The Scales

The scales weighs and considers both sides. It's a symbol of fairness, justice and balance. The only object in the Zodiac. It is fitting symbolically but perhaps also it’s fitting as an inanimate object because an object is “Objective” from oneself as is thus the quality of Libra very much so. Our environment reflects us as “other.”

We can project our unconsciousness and experience it in this 3D physical world. Libra is associated with the 7th House in Astrology, the house of relationships and partnerships, most certainly romantic partners, but also business partners, one on one relationships and interactions and also interactions with people you don’t get along with. In general “other people” from oneself one on one. This is a placement on the Zodiac from which your evolution of individuality and talents and rooted refined self, get out into the world and partners and steps into society and relationship. From self to other and how you are in the world. The beginning of the trans-personal quadrant of the Zodiac.

Whatever is in our 7th House can reveal what we feel we lack and so we feel we need, and are attracted to, people who embody the energies here or have a lot of that sign or planets in this house. This is done unconsciously.

When you become conscious of these 7th House energies you can embody these energies yourself and still attract “like” people but without the NEED, your partner is a bonus to your life, as you are to them, without the lack or that you can’t live without your partner or that you need them for something. The 7th House (and Venus) can reveal also HOW we do relationships, our relationship style.


The planet of Libra is Venus. Although Libra is a Masculine sign in the Zodiac, it has big feminine energies too. Again this is more of a balanced sign. With Venus this is an energy of Love. A Lover.

This is also the energy of being a good listener, it gets in tune with their partner, who is receptive, accepting, loving, supportive and understanding. Libra is a diplomat and will want to talk things out and want to make things better for both people and who will want to work on growing a relationship. Libra energy sees both sides of the coin and can put itself in other peoples shoes to gain more understanding. It likes to be partnered. This is the energy of how we do relationships, not only to another but also to oneself. How do you treat yourself? Venus is Love and so it is also self-love and self-worth as well.

This is an energy of beauty and pleasure, the arts, music, visual arts, symmetry, clothes, fashion, any sort of visual design, and beautiful sights. Creating beautiful things. Libra

energy likes to look good as well as their partners to look good along with them. Libra energy is social, gets along well with others and can be very flirty. They can be very affectionate people and showing that and enjoy affection in return from their partners. The Swan is an animal associated with this Venus energy.

Libra can be involved with doing

relationships in many ways with many different people. This energy likes experiences with others and also growing from them by learning about themselves and who they are through another person, through relationships. They see and come to know themselves through relationships. Their likes and dislikes come from experiences with other people rather than having a known personal core of “this is who I am” energy. They’re learning that from the outside, in, and from experience, Libra becomes more aware of what they like and dislike thus understanding themselves better of who they are.


Making decisions can be challenging as Libra energy not only good about weighing out the good and bad, can see both sides and see benefits in two ways, it also THINKS and intellectualizes so much to a point where it can be stuck in indecision and sometimes not make a decision at all.

People pleasing and codependency can be issues with people who have an abundance of Libra energy. Libra wants their partner to be happy more than anything. Giving too much of oneself and in turn losing themselves in another can become problematic for the growth of a person when out of balance though. Oddly enough, being too nice can have it's issues. This energy can sacrifice its own needs, comfort and happiness so that other people can be comfortable, be happy and have their needs met. When done consistently they can also be take, take, taken advantage of. When they should say “no” they say “yes" because they don't want to hurt an other's feelings and they want to be liked and not lose a relationship. They may not stick up for themselves in order to keep the peace. It's "I'm here, for you". It’s an energy that can suppress itself for another. It can naturally be all about the other for a Libra. It can do whatever it takes to be liked, to keep the peace and would shy away from any sort of confrontation.

People with this energy are generally kind, pleasant, understanding, peaceful and helpful people. Not everything has to be done with a partner. This energy can feel that it only has worth if it is in a relationship and is liked and loved by another, a partner. Being with YOU makes me feel good, liked and worthy of being in a relationship. The other person can become necessary for the worth and love from the outside instead of within oneself. These energies can be used in healthy ways but at the same time can become unhealthy when Libra is out of balance. It can be a lesson for people with Libra energies. Partnerships take two people and two willing respectful people. There's a give and take, and support and individuality, that both, tip more to one side sometimes, and as well as balance sometimes, the scales of that dynamic.

Opposite Balance

And so we look to the opposite sign for balance and that is Aries. In making decisions Aries is more impulsive, acts first and thinks later, it's more bold on making a decision because it knows what it wants and desires.

Libra learns from Aries about relationship balance as does Aries from Libra. Aries (1st House) and Libra (7th House) is The Relationship axis of the Zodiac. Aries is “self” "me" so more naturally self oriented, ego based, individual, Libra is "other" "you" as well as "we" and more concerned about an other's needs than their own. As uncomfortable and unnatural as it may seem with any sign and its opposite, the balance happens when both energies are being used in harmony and are learning from one another. Libra learns this balance by being more independent, putting more time into themselves and their own pursuits and what makes themselves happy rather than relying on another to get it or experience it from or catering too much to an others needs. It's building a better self foundation, learning to be ok with being by oneself while also still using healthy Libra energies. Not that they become just a sole enterprise without a relationship but being this way within one and having a more equal give and take, mutual showing of love, compromise and share and experience in relationships. This is generally the case with all signs in relationship, but it is this particular kind of energy that we all take part in as a partner and this energy is of a Libra likeness with Aries when we're dealing with relationships.

Let it also be said that not everyone is meant to be in relationships or wants one, and sometimes a relationship dynamic works quite well off balance to where both people are satisfied or even not satisfied, but we do all have one on one interactions with people in close ways. I am certainly not a relationship expert, I have my own personal experiences and I am so grateful for every one of them, the purpose here is to understand the energy and that your very own chart can reveal how you do relationships and receive love and what you are attracted to and can be come more conscious of for your own balance and evolutionary growth. Our significant "others" are teachers.

May you be enjoying and learning from your relationships and growing with and from them and understanding and being your own essence while you recognize yourself in Other with compassion and love. The Other is ultimately...You.

Shine SO bright from your heart,


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