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Leo Energy!

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

RAAAWRRR!!! Yes! The Lion!

Everyone has Leo somewhere in their chart. It is Creativity. Love. Play. Dramatic.

This is the energy of authenticity, what you see is what you get, open with who you are. Leo is confident and charismatic. They can be the Kingpin, the top of the pyramid, the head of a project. The King Lion or Queen Lioness. Leo can be very colorful and vibrant. Its planet (or luminary) is The Sun. We follow our heart with Leo. Leo is meant to be seen, they can be the center of attention. Leo likes to be applauded and can maybe fear rejection or not being accepted.

One individuates and becomes authentically themselves and shares unique talents but also just shares themselves as they are, you don’t need a stage to do that. It’s the love of teaching, the tough love as mentioned, the love that comes when a child is scared but the Father knows it’s best. It’s love through rules and regulations, it is The Good King, being generous, sharing from abundance and caring for the people from a high place. The Royal King known, seen, loved, adored and admired by everyone. This is an energy that sees and recognizes others, the unique value of others and gives praise. The Good King embodies all of this and these positive healthy principles in the way that they are and present themselves and shine all of that leading by example.

Watch the video of my talk on Leo!

On the Stage

Leo can be a performer. This energy is meant to be seen and be in the spotlight, and is comfortable and thrives in it. They receive attention and have an audience in some way. They like and need to be validated, recognized and fears rejection. In Evolutionary

Astrology we talk about how with Leo, in a recent past life we may have been suppressed from expressing ourselves. We were held back from being proud of who we were and could not shine or be ours

elves. So now in this life, we are meant to when we have the Sun in Leo or to experience that expression when we have strong Leo placements in our birth charts. There is also a working with Leo energy as inner confidence here in which when worked with where one can have less of a concern for outer validation while still expressing them selves outward to their fullest.


Big creative energies come through Leo as well as the self expression that comes with it. Leo is also lots of color, bright and bold. This is also associated with the Fifth House, the house of all these themes including kids and being playful, it can be our Inner Child, the kind of play that isn’t being watched by a parent, a freedom to be without shame, to create without an inner or outer critic. A child’s play can change when being observed by an adult.

The Sun

Our purpose is represented by the Sun. All the planets revolve around it. The Sun is you as an individual. Our special uniqueness is meant to shine and has its part in the world. It’s confident self expression. The Sun is a symbol of the Masculine, the Moon is symbolic of the Feminine. It is Fire, fire is fuel for creativity, it initiates, it is newness. The Sun is the most powerful and bright when in the sign of Leo. The lion’s mane radiates like a fiery Sun.

Love - Masculine love energy, the heart.

Leo is the heart chakra. Love, unconditional love and recognizing that love within ourselves as well. It’s Father to son or daughter unconditional love. While Cancer is Feminine love energy, I see Leo as being more Masculine love energy. What this means to me is Fatherly love rather than Cancer’s Motherly love. It’s the pull from what was secure, known and familiar and home, into the unknown, scary, insecure path forward and one does this with courage usually from a place of fear. In so doing it is lead by

Father love energy, it is grabbing by the hand the youth, who may be kicking and screaming, and leading them, teaching them, initiating them into society and nurturing the youth, soon to become an adult now how to be on their own with loving guidance or what some could sometimes say “tough love” in learning lessons. A lot of this energy can be initiatory or a rite of passage. It's also being supportive, giving confidence boosters, it's "I'm proud of you. "Both Fathers and Mothers can take this role, this Leo energy. Not all mothers and fathers are like this obviously but this is a positive manifestation of this archetype.

Having Fun

Leo energy is the life of the party, likes everything grand, big. Enjoys life. Likes to play. It is Amore, romantic love. It’s also a teen energy that wants to have fun and express without a second thought, one who is self assured and takes risks. No worries, “Hakuna Matata!” Anyone see The Lion King??

Promoting others who and to shine

Leo can be seen as putting others on the stage. It helps others shine. It recognizes others talent and uniqueness and also helps pull that out of people to recognize that for themselves. Promoting others talent or as well as recognizing that “yes I have my own talent and yet there are others who are equally important and play a unique role” like part of a mosaic. This is when we balance Leo with its opposite sign Aquarius being mindful of others and the collective and that all the parts make a collective whole and play and lend a unique individual role.

Shadow Side of Leo

When Leo is new to this energy or young in it, not in alignment or is manifesting “negatively” or is expressing its shadow side, it can be more self serving, it can be attention seeking for that sake. Not authentic, wears a mask, not comfortable being themselves. Selfish, more self-centered and to an extreme negative or shadow side, narcissistic. This can be the star of the show or head of something, who is only thinking of themselves, keeping others off the stage, or being threatened by others who are winning or are successful and expressing this harmfully or negatively and not in a healthy way. Everything is for them and everyone caters to their needs and they expect others to as they are the center of attention. Although this way can be just fine depending on the application, in the aspect of the shadow side of Leo, it can be in a way that is not healthy, not in a good way and overly too much. Leo energy can be egotistical. Sometimes Leo’s can be seen or perceived in this way to others, come across in such a way, or maybe Leo energy can be this way actually. Everyone is on their own learning path that they are supposed to be on. As Leo energy learns, grows and evolves it can become more conscious of these energies, sometimes not, depending on one's evolutionary path and purpose, people are meant to be and express in their own way even if that's being too much Leo or it's shadow side, it's ones own soul journey.

I hope this helps in understanding and recognizing Leo energy in yourself and others. May you all shine your individual uniqueness and purpose and who you are brightly!!

Christopher Perricelli

Astrology With Chris

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