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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

This conjunction marks the beginning of a new 13 year cycle starting from April 20th 2024. While these energies mentioned below are for Uranus conjunct Jupiter, at the time of the writing of this post it is happening in the sign of Taurus. Look to see which Astrological House this is happening in your chart. Also look to see where Venus is transiting in your chart as well as the 11th and 9th Houses for more insight into this aspect that would be personal for you.

Uranus has to do with change, shocks and sudden shifts. Sudden removals can be for my growth whether I like it or not. It’s non-traditional, out of the box, radical, and rebellious. It’s an independent and freedom energy. Future forward.

Jupiter is expansion, abundance, optimism, faith, belief systems, believing in yourself, Natural Law, higher mind and education, Knowledge.

Taurus has to do with the relationship to myself, self-reliance, what I value, money. It is Earth energy, practical, fixed energy, doesn’t want to budge, well guess what!?... time for a shift, get out of a long standing groove of something or how I’ve always been. Something surprising could bump me out of a rut. Maybe my values change or belief systems or a Truth pops up that changes these aspects of life.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter is a combined energy in Taurus. This is the energy of knowing my worth with good self esteem and positivity. With money and possessions, sudden financial and possession abundance or even loss, exuberant spending, or hoarding or greediness. Sudden luck. It’s expanding on my resources.

Natural resources can have drastic shifts of abundance or lack, the same goes with the cost of natural resources.

Here we have radical independence. I may feel and be more independent and be more self-reliant. I may take a solo long distance trip or even dress more unique to myrself. Even while in a relationship, me or my partner may need more independent time or be more rebellious. My relationship as a whole could be trying new things or are on a path of wanting to raise the bar or take things to another level in some way, to do things differently or be more honest with each other for growth. Honesty too, can have shocking effects to another. Even a loss of a relationship can open me up to new independence and a new way of life. 

Then also there’s the relationship to ourselves. Maybe I realize I have to be more honest with myself. That taking an inward Quest leads to “ahaa” moments of who I truly am that supports my individuality, that raises my optimism and faith in myself, therefore, showing up better for not only myself, but our partners, relationships and communities.

Taurus is also the senses. It’s also the physicality of sex. This energy supports and can be experienced by themes around sexual freedom. Open mindedness. Not the usual, experimental. It’s extended pleasure and sexual enjoyment. Also here it’s self pleasure. Explore what brings what brings me pleasure, satisfying my own needs even while in relationship.

Not just in matters of sex, pleasure of the senses can be of all sorts, art, music, alcohol, drugs, scrolling the internet, eating, you name it, whatever is enjoyable this energy has to do with more, more, more, excessive indulging, going way beyond a limit, till “oh my gosh I've over done it, that was too much and I was just caught up in a whirlwind.” This energy does not like to be limited. 

What are some things that have been holding me back? Time to break through limitations and to break through any mental barriers or perceived limitations I put on myself, or things in life may be removed in order for me to be released from that limitation.

Rebelliousness can be in many forms, sexual, or an idea, a radical idea, preaching about something. In further challenging vibes, it's the feeling of not fitting in yet then getting together with other like minded people who feel the same way. And possibly even an eruption or rebellion bursts out of that group into society, against the long standing norms and beliefs. Or “my way” or idea or religion, “is the right way” or idea or religion “and I’m sticking to it and I’m going to convert you to it too. “Sticking to my guns” so to speak and putting the pressure on.

Here also is heightened intuitiveness. Go out into nature, feel its natural abundant electricity. Ground yourself as you look out into a vast vast view. There can be surprise extended travel during this time. Travel that brings you tremendous realizations, mind opening. There can be the spark for further Individualization. There can be an abundance of practical ideals and dreams for the future that can be manifested as tangibly real.

Enjoy the Journey!


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