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Father Saturn, The Great Teacher

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Teacher. A father showing his daughter how to bait a hook and cast a line. “Watch” he says. He’s clear in communicating the steps and he shows her physically how to do these things by taking control for a moment and leading her. This is a sharing of a skill, a transference of knowledge. Showing what is the right way and the wrong way to do this, why and what are the dangers to be aware of. Both people are in the present moment, focused.

Teaching and learning, teacher/student is one thing, one happening, they each exist because of the other creating one dynamic. The sharing of a skill, teaching and learning.

A Father stands over and behind his son as they both grip a baseball bat and he swings his son's arm back and then follows through forward to show the movement to hit a ball. Verbal words are used supporting encouragement and championing him. There can be frustration on both sides but they stick with it still, at least for a time. The father shows that with patience, practice, discipline and focus there can be accomplishment, becoming better at something and along with it comes confidence. Also that trying and failing is all part of the journey, yet still… endure. Sometimes two steps back and one step forward or understanding that there can be alternative pathways to an accomplishment.

Talking on the subject here:

These are Saturn energies. The older wise person shares wisdom from past experiences. Teacher. Things take time. Patience. Maturity. Endurance. Structure. Rules. Discipline. Duty. Responsibility. Leading by example. Taking the steps necessary towards a goal. Having integrity. And a certain loving care. These are very masculine energies and they are most of all, some positive aspects of masculinity. (All genders have this energy). Saturn is a guide for this.

This doesn’t have to be a male father. In both of the examples I’ve given this can be a mother, father figure of any gender or an elder authority of some sort teaching children of either gender.

Saturn is also lessons. So we learn by example but we also learn by experience and from the choices we make in life. Sometimes those choices reveal later in life a certain karma or a consequence.

When we grow up and older our fathers, or father figures, aren’t there in day to day things most likely, although we can get advice if it’s possible from them, some of us though don’t grow up with our dads. So you’re on your own now as an adult although we still can be supported by our fathers, father figures and that archetype in many ways throughout our lives. There now has to be an inner father, a Sacred Father, or Divine Father, the father energy that is within whether you’re male or female. We decide to tap in and father ourselves.

Depending on our upbringing and experience with our father's (or not in many cases) we can be taught, or not, how to father ourselves and sometimes it's not healthy, we don't know any better, or we do. There could have been heavy strictness, punishment, heavy rules, no emotion and not a good relationship. Sometimes we have to re-learn what we've either been taught or now show up in a new way for our selves. This is realizing positive Saturn. This energy is within us and it is there to be discovered and used. Most of us realize this energy over time or later in life sometimes naturally or consciously. Sometimes our experiences in life require us to use this and sometimes we consciously choose to use this energy.

Father energy can take us out of our comfort zone. Aren’t we scared to jump into the unknown? Doing something for the first time? We have no experience of this, how do we do this task before us, how do we make a good decision, how do we bypass and go beyond our fear, how do we jump in? It can be scary. But we have inner Father help, guidance and assistance, it’s there. “It’s ok, you can do it, I know you can.” Father says giving support, building our confidence, showing us how. Luke! I am your Father! Ha! We'll get to the Dark Side later. This stuff is more Yoda energy actually. This energy also is what teaches us how to be out in a 3D social society.

Fathering ourselves is becoming our own authority, stepping into maturity and self-responsibility. Relying on what is true for you and being self-sufficient in that way. Knowing what is right and wrong for us individually. Loving yourself to take care of yourself perhaps like a father or parent had taken care of you, it’s your turn now. We perfect our skills over time. Fathering ourselves from within is also understanding that it comes from “outside” of us yes in the 3D world but…but ultimately it's you, the Universe, our own selves, the great Oneness of it all teaching us in magical and sometimes unwanted ways. Things we need to learn and are supposed to learn in our lifetime. There are lessons in most EVERYTHING in life, teaching moments whether we know it or not.

This is Great Father Spirit. Sometimes the Great Father Spirit gives you knowledge and information at a time when you need it when the time is right for you to learn something that is of utmost importance to how you live your life or how to behave, act or be that can be life changing to who you are or to be of help and service or to teach others whether directly or indirectly by example.

Authority as an outside, other entity. - This is how we are brought up to see and witness as from an ego consciousness. Things happen to me, there is an authority suppressing me, I’m told and given rules and laws to follow, I could be punished if I don't follow the rules, there's fear, rebellion. My teacher is “Other” telling me what to do, how to do. The lower energies of Saturn reveal a lot of this as suppression, control, holding back, limiting, forcing, demanding, being emotionally cold towards. These can also be the lower energies of masculinity. These energies can have an effect on us in regards to shame as well.

Self-Realization, the dropping of the ego or lessening of, or realizing your positive, higher Saturn energies, has the consciousness as the “other” as YOU. There is really not much of a way of living in the 3D world (but there is) without outside man made laws, codes of conduct, rules, authorities of all kinds but there can be an expanded conscious knowing of these energies are at work from a different, I could say spiritual perspective, living with ego, having that knowledge and wisdom while still living in it.

So there’s realizing that we father ourselves and that we are our own authority and there’s also being this way for others by teaching and leading by example too. Father energy is alive within ourselves. “It’s ok, this is scary but I can do this, I know I can.,” can be our inner talk. Give reassurance and encouragement. In addition when we embody and learn about the Father and Saturn within we can build stronger but with it can also come guilt and shame when we fall short of our inner Father’s guidance.

Here is where true Father love comes in. Father/Saturn energy has great love. Think about the parent to child kind of love (hopefully, not always). When a parent or someone is teaching you, it is whole heartedly, it is with love to help you succeed in something new. This love, that is within you naturally, is what carries you when you let yourself down, it's to be used with self forgiveness and with encouragement to not be so hard on ourselves and do our best.

When we set a high standard or boundary for yourself and you let it slide or didn’t meet that self standard or did something you feel is not very good or unhealthy, there can come feelings of guilt and shame. When we set a bar for right/wrong, good/bad, there comes with it that feeling when there are shortcomings. We are humans! There are lessons in life. Some religions are largely based on the Father archetype and so there then is sin and guilt, punishment, redemption and so on. So Father Saturn asks us to take responsibility for our actions and behavior, to learn and up our game as intended for our soul's growth. Do we realize and embody our Father/Saturn as anger and punishment to ourselves/others or do we embody it with caring love and support for ourselves/others?

There is a choice now as we become more conscious of these behaviors, yet it might not come natural to us. This comes with using Father/Saturn energy. If we grew up with a father or authority figure (sometimes mom steps into these energies) when we were young who treated us undeservingly poorly, was not a good role model, or not from a place of love in these types of circumstances, we can act like that toward ourselves, or others, in the way we saw from our parents. Or we can learn from the negative behavior and decide that we don't want to be like how are parents treated us. Always a teaching and a lesson from the positive as well as the negative. A healthy way through for our own selves is with love, self-love and self-respect. We can hold that for others in such times too and especially to hold that for ourselves.

Happy Father's day to our Fathers. There is a looooong hereditary line of dads that lived so you can be here and live. And Father's aren't Fathers without Mother's! Let's also give ourselves some credit and a pat on our back for the Father energy within us we've ourselves used and can use with great love. It takes practice to treat our selves well.

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