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David Bowie

Remembering Bowie. He’s been a huge inspiration musically and fashion wise. In fact, I was debating naming this site in connection to David Bowie. He’s also played a very big role in connection to my personal relationships and exemplifies the quintessential artist to me.

Most of all, Bowie symbolizes creative freedom and expression. Freedom to be our selves, freedom to change, freedom to express ourselves and push limits. He made people feel uncomfortable when he broke out into the scene as Ziggy Stardust as he was way forward with a unique image and sexuality. Combining music, art, sex, fashion and compelling stage performances he was a true creative artistic pioneer.

We each play in important individual part here on Earth. We are meant to shine our own unique way with our own talents. We play our part, we are necessary, we have a mission. We creatively manifest from our being in a way that is unique to us and when we do and shine that, we inspire others as well.

Taking a look at Bowie’s chart he was born in the sign of Capricorn with Mars conjunct his sun. That is immense creative drive especially with his career as an artist as it’s in the 12th House as well as with Neptune in Libra. Soul Love. Mars too in Capricorn blasting out any blocks or suppression of sexuality in this lifetime.

Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Leo! This is his shining spot, talk about being on a stage and transformation, perseverance and longevity. People with strong Leo in their chart HAVE to be seen, it’s their purpose and “cosmic right” I like to say. This is who they are and they have their own lessons to learn, as we all do, in different ways of being. Creativity is their big meaning and purpose and what they create reflects who they are. They see themselves in their creations and it’s there for everyone to see. They are supposed to shine in that way and be recognized for it. They are coming from a past life where they couldn't do this, wasn't allowed, they were held back in someway to express themselves in such a way.

Bowie exemplifies creative uniqueness. This is what my goal and purpose is on this blog is, is that we all have a unique talent and a way that we are naturally, these energies that support us doing our unique self and helping people see these things and give encouragement and support. As well as seeing the challenges that may be holding them back from expressing their full selves, their Truth. This is what Bowie does and what he symbolizes to me. Evolved Leo energy is to help others shine just as uniquely. We all have our place that is just as important in the connected web of life.

Creative purpose is not just for artistic people. We create our lives as we go constantly. We have free will and make our own choices in the way that we create our lives. Artists do this too of course but also in manifesting their artistic work.

The Moon's Nodes placement suggests a new gender switch from his recent past life which brings out his gender bending energies and capacities that incorporate the Masculine/Feminine balance, a powerful Bowie element.

With Aquarius Rising it explains his Uranus symbol as a lightning bolt, being a “Rebel Rebel” and a highly unique genius of an individual.

Spin some Bowie and live and shine your unique self!

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