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The Power of Music

The power, joy and mysticism of music. Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Music is inspiring sound, it's expression. Musicians and songwriters, just as any other artist in other forms, are inspired by the world around them and they create from it and with it. Art and creativity itself come from Spirit and it comes from human interaction with it and experience. From Spirit and the Ether, received and harnessed through the human body and our own filters and out to humanity as a gift, as a reflection of some sort of human aspect delivered from Spirit and guided to do so. This is the artist's way in its many many forms, this is imagination, inspiration, feeling and creativity at work from a magical realm.

Music delivers an experience of emotion. We feel from music on an emotional level. It can make us cry, sad or happy cry. Or it can connect with us so powerfully that a tear falls out of us (that inner Pisces water born from emotion made physical). So many different emotions can be felt through music, aggression and rebellion for example as well. A performing musician gives you energy visually, showing you emotion and passion and we connect and can be moved and inspired by that. Seeing and experiencing live music can really be something special.

Music delivers a message. Songs are gifts. They can represent a collective conscious attitude and feeling. Songs, as well as the people that create them, can be felt and seen as iconic to the collective human race. (Pisces energy)

Music can bring up memory, the past. Past experiences, the good and difficulties of our childhood, our time with our families. (Moon energy)

Music can bring people together and enjoyed and experienced together or experienced just by oneself. Either way, that can be a spiritual experience, whether that’s connecting with a community or connecting within yourself, tapping into the aspects of inside of you. We can feel like we fit in with groups with music and it can also express our individuality.

It also can give you hope for the future, it can lift you up. Music can be so inspirational. It’s delivered with powerful feeling. It can give us courage. Courage leading into battle as it has been used or courage with our own inner battles or daily struggles giving us strength and support.

Even in pain there is expression and release and something that can be comforting in a difficult time. It helps us feel less alone when we hear a sad song, knowing that someone’s been through it before, we relate to it. Music can be like a magical bridge that lifts us up and over obstacles whether they be physical ones or difficult times or emotional ones. A Pisces emotional water wave that comes and goes.

Everything in this world, in existence, is vibrating at a frequency.

A song’s beat is direct experience and naturalness as we ourselves have a beat and a rhythm within us as our heart. A song can make us want to get up and move our bodies, to dance! Melody connects with us emotionally.

We use music to match our feeling or if we want a certain feeling we listen to that sort of song.

Music can inspire more music, it can inspire more art in other forms. The word itself “Music” and “Musician” comes from “Muse.” Inspired by and being moved to express. It’s a Feminine energy essence when we talk about feeling and inspiration. When combined with Masculine essence of the act of creating, performing, having the drive and desire to create, that is a form of the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine at play manifested.

Music is used as expression or to evoke a feeling in many religious faiths.

It’s used in native ceremonies.

It’s used to heal.

Or instead of directly feeling and experiencing an emotion, we can escape with it. It can take us away from our daily hurts or whatever difficult emotion we are experiencing, then it can set us in a different place. That rainbow bridge.

Neptune and Pisces are many things but in particular they are spirituality and it’s also associated with music, imagination and creativity. Presently, as writing this, Neptune is in this Astrological sign, so it’s energy is strong. What makes it even stronger is the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is expansion, so expansion of these Neptune/Pisces themes. Jupiter is also connected to expanded mind and spirituality and religious experience as well. Music can be a religious experience. A negative expression of this can also be escapism, so expanding in escapism. Escaping from reality with drugs, alcohol, or anything really that can take us from the present moment when we don’t want to deal with reality or are finding it hard to. It can even be as simple as watching a movie, there are unhealthy and healthy ways to escape. So with Astrology, realize that you can be experiencing these energies yourself by doing these things or by experiencing this energy manifested on the outside of you, by you experiencing these themes from other people that are expressing these themes. Get it?

Although music can take us away, the experience of listening to music is actually a very “being present” one in a Zen-like way. We listen with it at every chord change AS IT GOES. It’s not a race to the end of the song, we go with it and we don’t hold on.

Music comes from silence, enters and begins, plays and comes to an end. It is birthed/begins, plays, and dies/ends and returns to silence back from whence it came. That's Life. That in itself is the journey of the Soul; Source, the "separation" from source the Individuating, , the return to Source, and then Source once again. This is the basis of Evolutionary Astrology. It has it’s own cycle and we experience it and go with it. We don’t hang on to the greatest part of the song this magnificent chord for ever and ever in pure ecstasy, no, we appreciate it’s awesome beauty and continue. That chord wouldn't be so beautiful and appreciated if was just a stand alone chord, no, it’s surrounded by supportive chords and in the completeness of a song it plays it’s part, as part of the whole. That's life. We learn to experience the journey, accept and enjoy it. We can focus too much on the destination or the completing outcome in so not being so present with what is actually happening presently, even missing out on experiencing the beauty of the moment and even being present with the people we’re with at the moment.

In music one doesn’t make the end of a composition the point of the composition. If that were so, the best conductors would be those who played fastest, and there would be composers who wrote only finales. People would go to concerts just to hear one crashing chord; because that’s the end!” - Alan Watts

Everyone on Earth finds it difficult to accept their own feelings, ways about them or things that are happening in their lives. Please realize, love is the answer to that. Being present. Self-love, having compassion for ourselves, going easy on our self and also feeling the feelings and accepting them, experiencing them (the watery emotional ways of Pisces) and accepting the things that life brings to us. Everything is meant for us. Everything is a lesson in some form to grow from. Pisces water, watering our spiritual and human self that rains on us, gets into our roots and nurtures and grows us bright green, beautiful and strong, new.

Soothe your soul with music. Go play your favorite songs or albums. (I'm a big supporter of listening to full albums in their entirety!) Music is SO powerful. Isn’t it an amazing thing? On some level there is enjoyment. Listen, feel, be inspired, be immersed in it, enjoy it, accept where a song takes you, move to it and create. Think of the ways that you are grateful for music in your life.

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