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The Fool and The Lion

Full Moon in Leo - Aquarius/Leo Axis

With the Sun in Aquarius and The Moon in Leo we have bright opposition any way you look at it, a shining light. We have an opportunity with an astrological axis to create an apex or or balance for something new with and from. The balance of individual, self (Leo) and group, everyone (Aquarius), between concepts and thinking (Aquarius) and getting right into it, leaps and does (Leo). It's self-expression (Leo) and group, society expression as a whole together (Aquarius). King (Leo), the community (Aquarius). Leo is heart space, love, creativity and shining one's self. Aquarius, a rebel, unconventional.

The Fool is our magic mover here. "Open your heart to admit The Fool" - Sallie Nichols

The Fool is very much an Aquarian and is connect very much with Leo energy, they work together, The Fool fans the flame. The Fool shakes things up (Uranus). Think of the king (Leo, Father, Sun) and his duty and seriousness and then the Court Jester (The Fool, child like) comes in and whacks the King on the head and everyone including the King laughs.

Can we laugh at ourselves? Can we allow things to be done unconventionally? Can we allow ourselves to break from convention to be creative or let loose and play like a kid and have fun for ourselves. Can we risk being our authentic selves understanding that our uniqueness is necessary and useful within society and not isolated from it? Can we accept and boldly approve of ourselves in all our strangeness and uniqueness without seeking the approval of others? When things get shaken up in our lives unexpectedly can we step back and see it with a wider perspective?

Use Leo energy for confidence, for creativity, for playfulness, for doing/acting/starting/stoking, for exuding love energy. The traveler into the new and uncharted territory, the airy Fool, uses Leo fire energy as combustion to move forward and trust. Trust the path meant for you as it unfolds, trust your uniqueness and talents that you bring and its role in society and who you share it.

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