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The Energies of Pisces

The Magician & The Hermit

There’s a ton that can be said about this sign, as I’m writing this we’re in Pisces season but we don’t have to be in this season to experience this energy, we all have Pisces, the 12th House and Neptune in our charts. Let’s learn about it! A bit of a longer post but for you Seekers, it’s worth it! Let's dive with these fish into the depths of Pisces. There are two Tarot cards that I feel are linked with this Astrological sign/planet/House and they are The Magician and The Hermit, two of my favorites in the deck.

The Magician is the harness-er, the antennae grounded and receiving, attracting, the middle, the unique filter, the conductor between the spiritual “higher” world and the physical world of 3D reality. He is able to pull in from the infinite, limitless, dream, Source, spiritual, subconscious realms to manifest them magically into this 3D conscious world. It’s the way, mission and part of the purpose of the artist.

Standing confident and tall with an arm stretched towards the sky and one pointed down (As Above, So Below) like a human conductor of energy attracting creative essence like lightning to a lightning rod. Some ideas come through like a flash and like a magician, a flash out of no where. The Magician stands confidently without fear of this lightning bolt. Pisces has to do with fears. With creativity, The Magician takes from nothing and turns it into something. That’s what artists do. I have a lyric in one of my songs called The Magician with that line in it. I’m very inspired by this archetype.

Creativity is huge with Pisces, more so with the 5th House but still this is very artistic, especially with music and film. When we create we use our imagination and sometimes are inspired by our dreams or feel guided in some way from spirit realms. It’s not just artists, we all have creative capabilities in some way. Pisces, the fish, is also associated with creative idea.

Spirituality is Pisces, way way out there man (ha!). All is One. It’s the Transcendental experience another fish symbol. You can understand that the Ego, our individual understanding of what we think that is “me” separate from everything is like a single wave in the ocean and Source is the ocean itself, limitless, infinity boundless. Only but drop of water in the huge ocean which is all made up of the same thing. It is ego-less. No-identity. Just…One. Waiiiiiit! There is STILL one, more, step. Take it BEYOND “all is one” and leave it without description. You can say that we are “letting go” of all and everything that can contain what Pisces is. Pisces is meditation and that is exactly where it leads, you’re so called ego just falls off. That's if we’re talking about Zen-like meditation. There are many forms of meditation or things we do that make our ego's disappear., all of that in the realm of Pisces. Pisces is letting go, accepting, allowing and most of all trusting in the Universe.

Selflessness is another aspect of Pisces. A lessening of ego brings one to think and care about others. It’s being of service to humanity. Pisces is compassion. It is also unconditional love. Pisces is self-less, happy to help others, is considerate and has them in mind. Sometimes selflessness can lead to being taken advantage of or victimized having trouble setting or understanding boundaries, these are meant to protect us. This self-less energy can leave us with not knowing who we are, wearing many masks or that tending to ourselves can be of more of a secondary nature if at all and self-sacrificing perhaps in a martyr-like way.

Escapism. When we watch a magician we are in a place of suspended disbelief. We know it’s not real but yet we believe it for a moment and are captivated by it, just like watching a movie. We’d probably go see or watch a magician for entertainment to escape for a small time. With the way up high spiritually blissed out absolute Nirvana feeling and experience, there is also the opposite end of Pisces. Here in a negative way ego is back and can be seen as being selfish when one escapes because we are tending to ourselves at this point. Physical reality can just be too much and so we seek relief through escapism and various ways of intoxication. There can be self pity and self judgment here too. We all escape in our lives in some way, numbing out somehow or with something. Cell phone scrolling, fantasy novels, watching TV/movies, video games. Even spirituality and it’s practices can be taken and used into an escapist realm! Some ways are healthy and some are not though and so it can be a lesson for many people in which it takes discipline to sticking to the healthy ones or at least being aware of the unhealthy ones. Addiction and alcohol abuse is here as a difficult aspect of the escaping Pisces, but this is addiction in all its forms not just the heavy hitters. Mental illness in its many forms can be seen here too. This 12th House is also known as the “House of Self Undoing.” That can be positive or negative. Positive in that you’re lessening the ego becoming selfless in a spiritual way, in an “upward” way, being loving, caring and helping others. Negatively ”downward” experienced as self-sabotaging and losing yourself to addictions, addictive behaviors and being a victim. There’s escaping from Source and reality and there is returning to it.

Seeing situations and people through rose colored glasses leading to disillusionment is another aspect. I see what I want to see and it’s all sparkly, amazing, cosmic, optimistic dreamy, awesomeness but then the veil is removed and there is disillusionment and a let down. What happens when you find out the magician's trick?! There is a naivety here and again sometimes that energy of being a victim of things beyond our control.

With magic there is behind the scenes work, things are hidden and done secretly. All these are Pisces and we are also talking about the 12th House and Neptune here too. Planets in our 12th House are unconscious, they can be juuuuust underneath the surface subconsciously, they are hidden. We can do things that are kept behind closed doors or kept secret. These planets' energies should be revealed and taken out of hiding in some form, from the sub and unconscious to our waking consciousness. It’s part of our evolutionary purpose to become conscious of these energies and bring them into the light and express them positively.

Creativity and the way of the artist is also something that is done by oneself. Collaboration can be great, especially with bouncing ideas, but ideas come from within each of us and this Pisces energy is one that likes to be by themselves, they create there. Pisces is alone, retreating to the inner imaginative dream world by themselves pulling from the outer and inner realms at the same time meeting smack dab in the human 3D reality middle. This energy uses imagination as a source of creativity.

This is where The Hermit comes in. The Mystic. Spiritually enlightened. The wise elder. Esoteric interests. A loner. An inner person. Travels distantly away to contemplate. Self Discovery. Solitude. Needs time to themselves, privacy. The Hermit’s number is 9 fittingly with Pisces as closing, ending, finishing. Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac finishing a cycle. Like the upper end of Pisces this traveler goes up the mountain, isolated, secluded and is comfortable there. Learning about the mysteries of the Universe, himself and the world around him. Alone is when Spirit speaks to him and is heard, channeled and realized through him/herself alone by themselves. Alone is where The Hermit finds the Jewel of The Lotus. The lesson here is to come back down and return to society having this knowledge and allowing and knowing when to retreat to solitude and when to participate in the societal world and the balance there.

So in our birth charts, for the most part, Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house is where we spiritualize, where energies are hidden, kept secret, done behind the scenes or we can be disillusioned by or have “rose colored glasses” on about. This is where an aspect of your creativity comes from and your dreams.

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. - But Pisces goes with the flow, non-effort or sails smartly in a Taoist Wu-Wei kind of way and surrendering with trust and faith, so let's replace the word “row” with “flow.”

One more go… sing it!

Flow flow flow your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

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Lucy Jane
Lucy Jane
Oct 04, 2022

This was a fun read! I'm honestly not sure why you haven't got many comments/ views etc on this blog/ your YouTube channel as it's very good and interesting stuff! Alas, I wish you much luck and success on your astrological/ spiritual journey 😊

Replying to

Thank you so much Lucy!! This is fairly new so not a lot of people know about it. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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