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The Astrology of Football

Anything can be applied to Astrology as Astrology is not only about the stars and planets but about life itself in all its manifestations. Part of the function of this blog is to teach and show you how to recognize Archetypes and Astrological themes in all things, through the Mystic’s eye. Here I’ll be talking about how the energies of the Zodiac can be applied to American Football to help you get the idea of how aspects of the game can be applied to Astrological themes and energies. Let’s get started, hike hike HIKE!


The time of the snap of the ball, the start of the play.

The action of play.

The team captain.

Like rams butting heads.

Warrior like energy and mentality.

Charging forward. Forward movement.

Taking risks.

Protecting the quarterback or a receiver.

“Off sides” impulsiveness.

A show of anger of a play gone bad or stopped.

The masculinity.


Big linebackers.

The big linebacker that is fixed and stands his ground like a fortress.

The physicality of the sport and the players.

The turf, the ground, the field of play.

The value of each player.

The money being made.


Learning the plays.

The variety of plays to choose from.

The coach signaling a play.

The quarterback calling out the play at the line of scrimmage.

Loss of yards would be Mercury Retrograde energy.

The commentators.

The communication of radio, television, internet and social media reporting on the game.


Home team.

The emotional feelings we get watching parts of the game.

The feeling we get when we hear or sing the home team's anthem.

The Safety position.

Protective pads.

Protecting the ball or a runner.

When a player says “Hi Mom!” to the camera.


The Quarterback.

Stars of the game.

The love of the game. Play.

The use of confidence.

The showboating dance after a touchdown.

Overconfident displays of a big ego.

Rousing the crowd for a big response.

The players with long hair sprawling out from their helmets.

The drama of the story of a player.


The doctors. Physical therapists.


Times of crisis.

Practice, skill, precision of plays and passes.

The diet players have to keep.

Water bottle people being of service. Gatorade.

Being critical or self critical of how a play went.

The stats.



The Receivers

The Referees

Offense/Defense relationship, opposing team.

Handing off the ball to another. The pass.

Team jersey design.


Blood, cuts.

The intensity of the sport.

Power and energy.


The obsession we have with the game. The fanatic.

The passion for the sport. 

A player's deep emotion caught up in a play. “The agony of defeat.” 



The aim and direction of a pass to its target.

Going the distance.

The joy of a touchdown.

Inspiring and optimistic cheerleaders.

Teaching plays.

The expansiveness of a stadium.


The rules of the game.

Time, the clock.

Yards and measurements.

The whistle stopping the game.

The defense.

The team owner.

The long term time and effort it takes to be a professional football player.

The recognition of the players.


The Press Box people with a high vantage point from a distance, the objective view.

The trick play. Play coordinators.

The players as a team. A team sport. The huddle.

People fitting into groups as fans for their favorite team.

The lone wolf visitor fan in the stands in a sea of home teamers.

When a player liberates from a tackle and breaks free.

These players are the elite in what they do.

The element of surprise when a coach gets the thermos of Gatorade dumped over him after a win.


When a player goes “out of bounds.”

The charity work teams do.

“I’m going to Disney Land!” shout at the end of the game by a winner.

“Thank you Jesus!”

When a team player drops their ego to perform as a team.

Using the imagination to create the game itself as well as the different kinds of plays.

The inspiring music played at the game.

The final play.

The list goes on, I'm sure you can add to what I have here!

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