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Thresholds of Transformation and Virgo Themes

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah. Here there are canyons, balancing rocks and “arches.” These arch formations formed over millions of years. Earth movements, water and erosion collapse softer rock, leaving a hole in these giant rocks or leaving them perfectly balanced just so.

In Astrology, part of Virgo energy, that everyone has in some capacity, has to do with perfection, purifying, purging, and stripping away what no longer is needed. Subtracting from to reveal a new beauty, or a beauty that was there all along within, similar to like how a sculptor chips away and removes to create, or reveal, a perfect masterpiece. Mother Nature's design. It also has to do with constant work. Natural elements work on these rocks over an incredible amount of time to make these formations as we see them today, and they will continue to change them into the future over vast amounts of time (time also as well, a Saturn theme).

Here too is the element of EARTH, another Virgo connection. Stone, rock, dirt, form, structure, real, the process of time. Also with Virgo is health. Mind and body. I thought about my personal physical health here and the effort it took for me climbing these canyons in the heat and altitude, with gratitude for my health to be able to be nimble here. My thoughts kept steadily in the present and aware of every step (some dangerous terrain to navigate at times). Virgo energy is the present moment, in the here and now, our immediate surroundings, reality. With every new sight around every turn and as far as my eyes could see, there is a vast, vast view of the Southwest's red rock canyons. The pastel colors and glow that come about and change over these rocks with the journey of the Sun is so beautiful to see.

Shot taken from the mountains looking into Castle Valley.

To the ancestors of the land, these arches held particular magic. A portal. The Earth in these formations are being as of a service to us to transport us into the next stages of our lives. There is the symbolism of a threshold. Whether you pass through or across like a

bridge, you go from one place to another. From where you were to a new place or from the old you to a new you. Sometimes we leave things, possessions, people or parts of our selves or habits behind. This is where the Virgo mind comes in to understand what is no longer needed for our health and growth, the purging, the purifying in preparation for the next part of our journey. There is also the issue of control with Virgo for as there can be a lesson that if we try to hold on and control a situation, we can be hurt or unhappy with an outcome when things don't go our way. Our soul's actually know what is best for us whether we like it or not and things happen that are beyond our control. There are always points in our lives of no return, we’ll never be the same, we either decide to choose or things happen, we grow, we evolve. Virgo is a Mutable sign which means it can shift, adapt, learn and grow with and through the changes.

These arches are reminders of our evolutionary gates or windows that we all pass through in life and we do, so many times. Improvement and growth require it. A path of initiation or a transformative happening. It’s usually scary! The unknown. Many of these stages can be seen in the planetary transits in relation to our Astrological birth charts. While we may choose to walk through such arches in life, like karmic choice points, they may be inevitable, or sometimes it seems, as if we’re pushed through them. No matter, the experience makes us who we are in the long run. Our mental attitude makes a difference. Acceptance and Trust.

If you're someone who is going through your own personal portals and would like to talk with me about them, you can set up an appointment with me and we can have a conversation about your soul's process and how the stars can support you.

Contact me at for a counseling session.

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