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Eddie Van Halen Astrology

Happy birthday to Eddie Van Halen! Born January 26, 1955.

Certainly one of the most influential people in my life. Eddie got me into playing guitar at age 13. I was obsessed. What he was doing was completely new. A powerful Aquarian energy. The look of his signature red and white stripped guitar in itself is very Aquariusly unique. Here's a quick basic look, "might as well jump" in!

With his Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius as well as Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 9th House, Eddie expressed these energies as an out of the box and free thinker, an innovator and genius in ways that are above, beyond and extreme. I'm sure he could not stand people telling him what he should and should not do. He did his own thing. He had a style of guitar playing that was uniquely his own that blew minds and changed how the instrument of the guitar could be played.

Mars in the 5th is very supportive for the drive for creativity as well as the connection and action line between Neptune and The Sun. It also supplies him with lots of physical energy as well as being hot tempered.

Neptune's placement can certainly had him have issues with alcohol consumption. It also though supports him as being seen as iconic while his Leo in the Midheaven has him as a performer with creative skills as his role in society. Neptune also supports is life as a musician. 10th House Pluto also supports the intensity of his career and being a transformational energy for others as a powerful influence in society. Although upfront, in the spot light and on stage, he is more private with his home and family life. Although he excelled as a performer and a creative force his past life Pluto energy had him being restrained from self-expression and creativity in an open public way.

Venus is expands his financial wealth in the 2nd House and aim towards the next and the next and the next adventure with travel and freedom. With a great deal of energy that is extreme, expansive and forward moving he does have Saturn in the 1st House so he's had to learn about self discipline, restraint and temperance. Also that career and reputation is a big deal for him. He is certainly an authority on guitar!

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