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Symbols Silent Speak

There is direct, silent, activity or communication through symbols and sacred geometry. I love that something can speak without words. Visual, magical, cosmic, beautiful and powerful. There is deeper meaning. Symbols carry with them a direct knowing, a subconscious download that activates the super conscious, happening on a 3 dimensional body level that can remain unconsciously hidden or become conscious. It's a sign!

A sign from the universe or an amazing synchronicity when we see them coinciding with something or we can even feel guided by them. There is a moment of connection and unity when you lay your eyes on one. This is where union with the Divine happens. The power of a symbol mostly happens subconsciously without us knowing. They can be like little seeds of cosmic knowing or remembering. The thing is, just like Zen, when we attempt to describe a symbol we only touch the surface, words only access so much, words aren't direct, words and descriptions are second hand to the direct penetration of a symbol to our psyche. Symbols are experienced, there is more than meets the eye as they say, they are gifts. Nevertheless, for this purpose, let’s talk about it ha!

Symbols connect with our primal subconscious that is familiar through your soul's lifetimes and tap into the collective unconscious (Pisces/Neptune theme). They work on a cellular, DNA level. This is how Tarot, mythology, art and archetypes work. Symbols are silent. Symbols need humans, they go together, otherwise it's just nonsense. We activate them more on a subconscious level, but now, let's make that conscious. This is mysticism. Astrology helps make the unconscious conscious as well as gives validation to your life experience. The activation of a symbol is automatic, it connects with our core without having to do anything but to bring it's gifts to the surface intently looking deeper into its meaning. Symbols work on all levels, of subconscious, present moment physical and spiritual super conscious all at the same time spontaneously. It is meant for you at a specific time in your life to be conscious of and to awaken to. It's connecting with you personally and with your soul. What is it showing you now? Why? What comes to your mind when you see a symbol? It connects with you and also invites you to connect with it. It's mysterious. It doesn't speak but it's powerful and loud while being quiet. It's intriguing and pulls us in, deeper activating different levels of our being and consciousness. Be grateful for these gifts of symbolism, it's guiding and growing you.

The Six Pointed Star or The Star of David - This star represents the balance of male/female, outer/inner, as above so below. A uniting shared energy.

Yin Yang - Another balancer of sacred opposites (dark/light, Masculine/Feminine, "bad/good," two people, two energies etc.) each contains the other combined to create a new energy, a realized wholeness.

They react and act mutually supporting each other. Duality to unity as well as unity while being separate, independent and dual. This can be seen as balanced Scorpionic transformation metamorphosis through the opposites.

Ouroboros - The snake eating its tail. A symbol of natural cycles, infinity, wholeness, the wisdom of death and birth, endings and beginnings. The circle of completion. "Shedding skin," letting go, transformation. "Eat" and digest your past not dis-owning it but using it as a means and catalyst of growth and Self-realization. Another side to this can be symbolized by repeating the same cycles in a self destructive masochistic way.

Triangle - Pointing direction. The power of the number 3. It’s two sides combined to reveal the enlightened apex at the top. Living with wisdom and new understanding.

Animals - Each has its individual characteristics and a power that connects with our psyche. What animals did we see today? (Check out a previous blog post in regards to this)

Clothes, jewelry, emblems - People have been wearing symbols as an expression of energy, a talisman, to embody an energy of, to be reminded of a certain energy or power, for protection and for projecting a power or spirit of an animals energy. When we wear symbols they're not only for ourselves but are there for others to connect with and give an energy of were you're coming from and gifting to others. Even the way we wear our hair is a symbolic expression.

Tarot and Oracle cards- visual archetypes and symbols that we engage with personally and collectively revealing our inner selves.

Astrology - The angles of relationship between planets within a complete 360 degree circle is all geometry and symbolism with archetypes. Each planet and sign is represented by a symbol and its symbolism that relates energies to our human ways.

It goes on.., numbers, colors, letters, even visions, dreams and also other people. They are like a doorway with no door that if you peer into you can see directly and you meet what's behind it. Symbols require you to go beyond what's there. Artists are familiar in using and working with them in so many ways. We all are in contact and are in communication with them whether we know it or not. But let's know it and be more aware of them! The universe speaks to us, and our own subconscious reveals itself to us, as within so without. We are Divinely guided in many ways and as co-creators with it, from within ourselves as well as what we perceive as outside of ourselves as separate. symbols welcome you with a gift.

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